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You scored 57% Kindness, 27% Confidence, 7% Anger, and 10% Secretness!

You're just plain nice. You have next to no secrets, and you don't get angry. You may not be brave, but your heart is always good. You try to be nice to everyone you can, and try not to make enemies.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Kindness Distribution

    They scored 57% on Kindness, higher than 97% of your peers.

  • Confidence Distribution

    They scored 27% on Confidence, higher than 15% of your peers.

  • Anger Distribution

    They scored 7% on Anger, higher than 55% of your peers.

  • Secretness Distribution

    They scored 10% on Secretness, higher than 35% of your peers.

All possible test results


You really have nothing standing out. You are not too kind, and you're not too angry either. You are not too secretive. You're pretty much the all around person who's not too good at much, but tries t... Read more


You are not very nice to your father, but you don't really get angry. You are very secretive, and always trying to keep things hidden. YOu're best friends with Locke. You're not very brave, and perfer... Read more


You get angry pretty often, but thats mainly to protect your kid. You find it hard to be nice to others, since you always feel they're doing something to your kid. However, you could be a good person ... Read more


You're kindness has trouble coming out, even though your trying to do the right things. You don't want to be a part of the others, and try to stay apart, but gradually, you come to realize you have to... Read more


You're not overly secretive, and you don't get angry too easily. However, you have trobule being kind to people, because you give them the brutal, honest truth. YOu are a natural leader, and are confi... Read more

Mr. Eko

You are very secretive, and don't like people finding out who you are. You'd perfer not to talk to people if you can, but sometimes, you have to. You're pretty nice, but only if they've earned your tr... Read more


You are very brave, and always looking to help people. However, you also have a pretty short temper, and get into fights with a few people. You're just trying to help, but sometimes, you just can't he... Read more


You are a person who's prone to fights. You use anger as one of your prime emotions, and you tend to rub people the wrong way. However, you have a brave heart, and are willing to do things others are ... Read more


You're just plain nice. You have next to no secrets, and you don't get angry. You may not be brave, but your heart is always good. You try to be nice to everyone you can, and try not to make enemies. Read more


You are very kind, although not too brave and confident in tough situations. You almsot never get angry, but you have a lot of secrets in your life. You not only hide things from people you don't know... Read more


Much like Michael, you're very protective of your child, and you get angry when someone approaches you. However, at your heart, you are a very kind person, and you always look for the best in people. ... Read more


You are trying to be nice to most people, but you get angry a lot, sometimes for apparently silly reasons. You have trouble controlling your temper, but are always trying to help. You also have some b... Read more


Everyone loves you, and you love everyone. You don't get angry, and you're not that secretive (maybe a few things here and there). YOu don't consider yourself brave, but you actually are. You'd put yo... Read more


You are Kate. You try to be very nice, but there are things in your past that make people suspicious. YOu are very brave and daring, always ready to go on an adventure, and you're also trying to help ... Read more


You are in essence a nice person, but you've been forced to do some mean things in your life. You are very brave, and willing to put yourself in the face of much danger to save your friends. Your not ... Read more


You are very secretive, and try not to let others know what you think. You are very angry at times, because you've been wronged much of your life. Put in a wheelchair, had your kidney stolen by your f... Read more

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