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Their result for The Femininity Test ...


35% mother, 37% lover, 36% girly

A bit dull category, isn't it?

Well not that dull, this means that you are not lacking or strong in any of the roles. That is you are a normal woman.

Still no picture for you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • mother Distribution

    They scored 35% on mother, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • lover Distribution

    They scored 37% on lover, higher than 63% of your peers.

  • girly Distribution

    They scored 36% on girly, higher than 30% of your peers.

All possible test results

Panzer Dyke

Achtung! You took this test just to prove that the author of this test is a male chauvinistic pig, who doesn't understand what women are really about. Your hobbies include kicking men ... Read more


You are a girly girl. To you femininity is just about appearing to be feminine. You don't care much about other people. And you aren't interested in sex. You are propably immature, and therefore not r... Read more


You prance around your castle, giggling in your pink puffy dress, looking cute while doing it. You are too innocent for sex, and other people take care of you. Read more


You propably hang around more with guys than girls. And behave like one of the guys, except for the difference that you have sex with them. Read more

Party girl

You are mostly a normal girl, but you are more interested in having fun, than caring about other people or settling down. Read more

Outer Beauty

You are pretty, and use your looks to have fun. You are not interested in settling down, and don't care much about other people. The scores mean that you appear unusually girly. But your mater... Read more


Men are your bitches. Read more

Sex Fiend

Men find you hot, and you have lot of fun with them. You are not ready to settle down, and don't really care about other people. Read more

Heart Crusher

Men fall in love with you left and right. While you are out just to have fun, and don't care about other people. Read more

Trucker Dyke

You drive around with your truck, wearing sleeveless flanel shirt and jeans. You have mullet. You could also be library lady, with mustache. On the positive side, you are not brutal li... Read more

Little Mother

You like play with baby dollies. You don't seem to be quite sure yet how to get a live one. Otherwise you are a normal girl. Read more

Innocent Cutey

You are very cute, however you have no idea what to do with your cuteness. Read more


You might be bit boring, but you get your share of men. Read more


A bit dull category, isn't it? Well not that dull, this means that you are not lacking or strong in any of the roles. That is you are a normal woman. Still no picture for you. Read more

Girly Girl

You like all things girly, wich men find to be very cute. Read more

Hot Business Woman

You keep your things in order at home, and have lot of sex. However you don't appear feminine. Read more


You a very hot! Otherwise you are like any other girl, except that you are unusually sexy. Read more

Super Hottie

You very beautiful and sexy. Read more


You are not girly anymore, and don't have sex anymore (or we don't want to know if you do). But you like to care of children, and help other people. Read more

Single Mother

You dedicate yourself to taking care of children and other people around you. Read more

Fairy Godmother

People like you only excist in fairytales. Read more

Practical Mother

You are a no-fuss practical mother. Read more


You are a typical mothering type. Your scores show that you have stronger maternal instinct than women as usual, otherwise you scored in the normal range. This makes you a very caring woman. Read more

True Woman

You are a living incarnation of female archetype. A very beautiful person both inside and outside. Read more


You are a milf or a future milf. Read more

Dream Woman

You are a wife or girlfriend every guy dreams about having. Read more


You are a Goddess, you deserve to be worshipped. Message me *wink* *wink* Read more

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