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You scored 72% for Education, 43% for Religion, 47% for Military Might, and 33% for Decentralization!

Mysteriously, this vanished people were enlightened and educated to a magnificent level. Scientific, artistic, with a vast understanding of the stars and astrology, the Incas of Peru were the first great science society in the Americas. We speculate a society of great thinkers and curious scienctist. To value knowledge, art, and culture above all things would make for the best Incan society had to offer. You belong here because you think these things make for immortality, and you might just be right.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Education Distribution

    They scored 72% on Education, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • Religion Distribution

    They scored 43% on Religion, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • Military Might Distribution

    They scored 47% on Military Might, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • Decentralizatio Distribution

    They scored 33% on Decentralizatio, higher than 35% of your peers.

All possible test results


You belong best with Gaul! Gaul, which was in the are now called France, was a "barbarian" nation with a deep natural relgion, simple technology and a grasp on the more subtle points of "scream and c... Read more


You would have loved it with the Pics! The Pics were a group of harsh berserkers living in what we call the Scottish Highlands today. A people that were fiercly independant and proud, the pics would... Read more


Riding out of Asia as part of the Mongolian Horde is the life for you! Proud warriors, the Mongols had a simple world view and pure goals with respect for their dead and ancestors. The mongols would... Read more

The Germans

Germania was a dark forested land feared and loathed by the Romans to the South. The Germans were fierce ax-warriors whom used both clubs and the heads of their enemies in battle! Both brutal and sk... Read more


Israel is perhaps the most infulential and well-known of the Old Civilizations. 3 Major religions came out of the deely spiritual People of David and with the faith of God they have survived countles... Read more


The hearty people of the North Sea, the Norse were a warrior-poet people with deep faith in their cruel gods and a sad knowledge that the End was Near, which didn't stop them from fightin' all they co... Read more


Ancient Egypt is home to the greatest of Wonders, the Pyramids of Giza, and is marked as a place of the highest civilization! Mighty armies that fought for love, and fear, of Pharoh the God-king rule... Read more


Very few societies on Earth have mingled cruel religion, fierce war and iron law into something that worked, let alone was as beautiful and exotic as the Aztecs! Exsisting in what is now Mexico, this... Read more


Mysteriously, this vanished people were enlightened and educated to a magnificent level. Scientific, artistic, with a vast understanding of the stars and astrology, the Incas of Peru were the first g... Read more


Spanning the entire North African coastline and into Spain, the Muslim Moors were epitome of Enlightned Islam in the Middle Ages. While Europe still waged terrible battles and had no concept of Natio... Read more


Greece was comprised of many city-states for most of its Golden Age, and second to none was Sparta! A society of perfectionist, the spartans did not care for "soft" or "pretty" things save the Battle... Read more


The vast empire of Alexander the Great never held a true name, since it only lasted a short while. The mark made of the world, however, is still around today! With very little authority outside of A... Read more

Caliphate of Baghdad

If ever there was an example of greatness, faith, art, wonder and the highest level of medievel life in one place, it was Baghdad. How ironic that Baghdad was once the center of trade and education i... Read more

Feudal Japan

For a time, Japan was a place of Warlords and roving armies deprived an Emperor and central rule, and during this time deep shinto faith and honor formed around the idea of Bushido and Samurai. Durin... Read more

Imperial Rome

Few things conjure to mind central authority, powerful armies, great religion and a unified sense of destiny like Rome. Controlling most of the "known" world in antiquity, Rome was the greatest empir... Read more

Dynastic China

China, the Middle Kingdom between Heaven and Hell, is one of the finest examples of Ancient bureaucracy ever known. Somehow, China manged to skirt that edge of Enlightened Rule, deep philosophy and r... Read more

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