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Their result for The Full Fetish and Kinkiness Test ...

Kinda Kinky

You scored 87 Kinkiness Points

You're kinda kinky, but still think role-playing is something actors do.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Kinkiness Distribution

    They scored 87% on Kinkiness, higher than 50% of your peers.

All possible test results

Ice Cold

You're not kinky at all are you? Your idea of a hot date is a movie and holding hands Read more

Pretty Dull

You're too easy, kissing really gets you going and you're just easy to please Read more

Warming up

You're just starting to get into that kinky kind of stuff, keep it up Read more

Kinda Kinky

You're kinda kinky, but still think role-playing is something actors do. Read more


You're getting kinkier, You probably spend your nights fantasizing about tieing people up or being Princess Barbie Read more


You've found that happy medium between the norm and wierd, you're Kinky enough to have fun in atleast 1 aspect Read more

Very Kinky

You're Very Kinky, you've done lots but still not everything! Read more


You're very Kinky! you're doing pretty much everything but maybe not sure on trying a few things. Read more

The Kink Master

You are the kinkiest of them all, you enjoy being the center of attention and do everything that you can to spread the love! Read more


You're so kinky you decided to cheat on the test...gender issues perhaps? Read more

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