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Their result for The What Is Your Lame Superpower Test ...


You scored 0 EgoOther, -4 MindBody, 0 Element!

Your power is Mucus-Pocus. Here's its definition:

mu-cus-po-cus (myÅÅ'kÉspoukÉs) n.

1. A late 19th century product meant to be the nostril equivalent of a long cigarette holder.

2. The ability to sneeze at will.

Definition 2 applies to you.


Thanks for taking the test. I hoped you enjoyed it. If you have any comments, don't contact this profile. The actual test-maker's profile is here. Take it again, and see if you can get a different and better power.

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • EgoOther Distribution

    They scored 0% on EgoOther, higher than 45% of your peers.

  • MindBody Distribution

    They scored -4% on MindBody, higher than 10% of your peers.

  • Element Distribution

    They scored 0% on Element, higher than 48% of your peers.

  • UltraCoolBonus Distribution

    They scored -1% on UltraCoolBonus, higher than 73% of your peers.

All possible test results


Your power is the useless, and frankly harmful, ability called Slabra-Cadabra. Here's its definition: slab-ra-ca-dab-ra (slÄb'rÉ-kÉ-dÄb'rÉ) n. 1. The ability to summon a flat ... Read more


Your power is Mucus-Pocus. Here's its definition: mu-cus-po-cus (myÅÅ'kÉspoukÉs) n. 1. A late 19th century product meant to be the nostril equivalent of a long cigarette holder.... Read more


Your power is Smelleportation. Here's its definition: smell-e-por-ta-tion (smÄl'É-pôr-tÄ'shÉn) n. 1. The smoking residue left after an unsuccessful teleportation experiment. ... Read more


Your power is Spellekinesis. Here's its definition: spell-e-ki-ne-sis (spÄl'Ä­-kÉ-nÄ'sÄ­s) n. The ability to descramble any scrambled word, usually limited to words of 10 let... Read more

Feet Vision

Your power is Feet Vision. Here's its definition: feet-vi-sion (fÄt-vÄ­zh'Én) n. 1. The ability to shoot X-rays and look through people's shoes. 2. Rare biological defec... Read more


Your power is Pastadigitation. Here's its definition: pas-ta-dig-i-ta-tion (päs'tÉ-dÄ­j'Ä­-tÄ'shÉn) n. 1. The skill set of the master Italian chef-wizards of the Renaissan... Read more


Your power is Frightflight. Here's its definition: fright-flight (frīt-flīt) n. 1. Discontinued airline company with Halloween themed planes where stewardesses trick-or-treat ... Read more


Your power is Flashforward. Here's its definition: flash-for-ward (flÄsh-fôr'wÉrd) n. 1. The ability to travel forward in time in a burst where you remember nothing, and usuall... Read more

Horse Field

Your power is Horse Field. Here's its definition: horse-field (hôrs-fÄld) n. 1. Um... a pasture, you know, with like grass and stuff ... and um... horses? 2. The ability... Read more


Your power is Foulchemy. Here's its definition: foul-che-my (foul'kÉ-mÄ) n. 1. Medieval practice that some alchemists took up that sought to discover the philosopher's mud, which ... Read more


Your power is Swearvoyance. Here's its definition: swear-voy-ance (swâr-voi'Éns) n. 1. The ability to understand curse words in a foreign language. 2. What psychics do w... Read more


Your power is Thawmaturgy. Here's its definition: thaw-ma-tur-gy (thô'mÉ-tûr'jÄ) n. 1. The ability to melt ice cubes with your mind. 2. Misspelling of thaumaturgy, o... Read more


Your power is Florination. Here's its definition: flor-i-na-tion (flôr'Ä­-nÄ'shÉn) n. 1. Misspelled variant of Fluorination, which means to treat with fluorine. 2. Mi... Read more


Your power is Apeshifting. Here's its definition: ape-shift-ing (Äp-shÄ­ft'Ä­ng) n. 1. The ability to transform into an ape. Known also as Were-Apeism. 2. The ability t... Read more


Your power is Stillusion. Here's its definition: stil-lu-sion (stÄ­-lÅÅ'zhÉn) n. 1. The ability to remain unseen as long as you (and nothing else) moves. 2. A mirage, s... Read more


Your power is Hotdoggery. Here's its definition: hot-dog-ger-y (hÅt'dôg'É-rÄ) n. 1. A sexual practice dating back to 1500 B.C., outlawed in most countries, but legal in Califo... Read more

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