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Their result for The Real Zombie Attack Survival Test ...

Morale Officer

You scored 60 Survival, 66 Leadership, and 74 Psychological!

While you may not be able to survive on your own for very long, your cool headedness and decent leadership talents may attract others who can make up for your shortcomings. Estimated Survival Time: 3 Days

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Survival Distribution

    They scored 60% on Survival, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • Leadership Distribution

    They scored 66% on Leadership, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • Psychological Distribution

    They scored 74% on Psychological, higher than 59% of your peers.

All possible test results

Zombie Feed

You have no chance in hell of making it out alive of a Zombie infested city. I strongly suggest in the event of just such an event you either have someone who can pick up your slack or take your own l... Read more

Calm Undead

You were able to keep your mind FAIRLY focused given the crisis at hand but unless you have a more capable leader and some better survivalists around your chances are pretty slim. Estimated ... Read more

The Smart Zombie

Well the good news is you're one of the only people in the city who can look at a crowd of undead and really not place too much worry on their presence. But you definately shouldn't lead and without s... Read more

Motivational Speaker

Your ability to lead is obvious enough. People seem to trust you and you're decent at making the right choice to keep them alive. The downside is you aren't much of a survivalist and you probably spen... Read more

Morale Officer

While you may not be able to survive on your own for very long, your cool headedness and decent leadership talents may attract others who can make up for your shortcomings. Estimated Survival Time:... Read more

Confident Commander

You obviously have some talent in leadership areas. And the fact that you remain so calm you're almost comatose in a hazardous situation is a good mix. Odds are you'll find somebody who can do your sh... Read more


Ok, so you're about as calm under fire as a wild bird. And you once lost a digit to a butter knife. But you're great at making the right choices necessary to keep people alive. With the right group yo... Read more

Inspirational Man

Your leadership abilities are without question and you keep calm under nearly anything. Find someone to do your shooting for ya and you're safe. Estimated Survival Time: 1 Week Read more

Born Leader

You certainly are the apex of what a leader should be. You're calm and you take in every situation thoroughly, making sure to choose the best options for both you and your people. You may not be much ... Read more


You're a Soldier. Plain and simple. You know how to fight, how to kill, and how to handle yourself in combat and survival situations. But your freak out easily and you're about as charismatic as a roc... Read more


Ok, ok, not bad. You know how to protect yourself from the undead and you kept your head more or less on straight. You have a chance. You might want to avoid leading but finding someone with more lead... Read more

Zen Master

Your knowledge of the art of killing and death mixes nicely with your complete calm and ability to think clearly. Find yourself a good leader and you've got a chance. Estimated Survival Time: 15... Read more

Staff Seargent

You're a capable fighter and a competant enough leader. Both these things give you a decent chance of surviving. You don't seem to have quite a strong enough grip to put up with the stresses an undead... Read more

Tough Motha

You have a pretty good chance of surviving an undead epidemic. You're capable enough when it comes to killing and staying alive, your ability to lead and organize others is high enough to keep the gro... Read more


Oh you're good. Your survival skills and leadership are good enough to keep you alive and organized for at least a little while. Your real strength, however, lies in your very admirable ability to kee... Read more

Squad Leader

Ok, so your mind is more or less putty in situations of extreme stress. That could get you killed, sure enough. But your survival skills are good enough to keep you alive. But you're a natural born le... Read more


You possess the basic skills and knowledge necessary to keep yourself alive. And you have a pretty good grasp on your self control, strong enough to keep you sane for at least a little while. But your... Read more

Hard-Core Survivor

While your Survival skills are just good enough to keep you alive, you don't have to entirely rely on them. Your ability to lead others effectively and correctly mixes nicely with your strong and cont... Read more

Timid Warrior

Well you've got the survival skills necessary to get through nearly anything. You could probably be dropped in the middle of a barren desert and find some way to get to civilization without breaking a... Read more

Zen Master

Your mind is calm and controlled enough to keep your cool under most of the situations that will be presented by zombies. And your mastery of the art of killing and skills at staying alive give you a ... Read more


You can kill others and survive as well as any Green Beret, which is a significant bonus in this situation. Your mind is another extreme strength, you have a very good grip on things and are not ratt... Read more

Staff Seargent

You're tough and determined to stay alive. Fortunately for you, you possess the skills necessary to do just that. In addition your leadership abilities are decent enough to keep your group together. T... Read more


You have all the skills necessary to walk out of this situation alive. Aside from that your leadership is good enough to keep a couple others alive for a little while but a better leader is probably s... Read more

Hard-Core Survivor

Zombies? What Zombies? Between your advanced knowledge of survival and combat and your uncanny ability to remain calmed in even the gravest situations you're one tough motha. When combined with your d... Read more

New Lieutenant

You've got all the right skills when it comes to survival. Which is good, you'll need those. And you have all the right answers for tactical situations and tough decision making. Here's the problem. Y... Read more

Hard-Core Survivor

You are an almost ideal person to have in a zombie situation. Your survival skills are on par with special forces and your leadership abilities would allow you to turn a kindergarten class into a well... Read more

Bane to all Undead

You are the ultimate form of zombie survivor. You possess every or close to every skill necessary to stay alive. Aside from your obvious survival skills you're an excellent leader of others, capable o... Read more

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