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You scored 100% for your self reported skill level in relation to oral sex and 76% on your knowledge of performance of oral sex as well as anatomy knowledge, which in this test, is more important!

An awesome mix of skill and knowledge

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • skill Distribution

    They scored 100% on skill, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • knowledge Distribution

    They scored 76% on knowledge, higher than 67% of your peers.

All possible test results

Cold Fish

You don't know much about oral sex, and you are (by self-confession) not very skilled at performing oral sex...did you really need to take a test to realise this....WORSE SCORE POSSIBLE! Read more

Thinker not a Do-er

You may have near to no skill at performing oral, but somehow you managed to pick up a little knowledge of the process from somewhere... Read more

Work on it

Near to no skill...but you surprisingly have a moderate knowledge of the whole process...maybe spend some time actually working on those skills! Read more


How can someone with so high a knowledge of oral sex/sexual anatomy have such LOW skill levels...you either watch a lot of porn, read a lot of zines or books, or talk it up big with your friends but h... Read more

Thinker not a do-er

Extremely high score on knowledge...but you need to put that knowledge into practice (call me) Read more


Apparently you've learnt through experience rather than knowledge...but what I think is more the case is that you have self-reported wrongly...you are not as good/experienced as you think at oral budd... Read more


You need more practice and more learning Read more

Ho hum

Read more


Practice what you know Read more


A lot of potential...focus on the practical side of things Read more

ho hum

near to no knowledge...some skill... Read more


Read more


need to improve knowledge and skill...but not too bad! Read more


Not too bad Read more


Keep on practising Read more


Yeh sure...you dont know much... but you self-report a high skill level? Read more


You arent lying are you? With such a low knowledge level you could be seen to be! Your skill score is incongruent with your skill level Read more


Good skills...just enough knowledge to back it up Read more


Perfect balance of knowledge and skill Read more

Awesome combo

Awesome combo of high (yet truthfully modest) skills and very high knowledge (which you cant fake) Read more


Highest self-reported skill level with NO knowledge to back it up!! (I told you to be honest) Read more


Hmm....self reported skill but with no knowledge to back it up...not as good as you think you are Read more


A lot of self-reported skill...with just enough knowlege to back that up Read more


An awesome mix of skill and knowledge Read more

Grand Master

The perfect mix of skill and knowledge...call me Read more

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