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Their result for The Marvellous Muppets Test ...


You scored 79% Muppet maniac, 65% True fan, 16% Wanabe, and 5% Ignorance!

You are Waldorf! You ar guilty of the odd bout of absolute ignorance. But it is no matter as you score highly with Muppet Mania. Quite an unusual case as ...... well to be quite frank this outcome baffles me.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Muppet maniac Distribution

    They scored 79% on Muppet maniac, higher than 79% of your peers.

  • True fan Distribution

    They scored 65% on True fan, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • Wanabe Distribution

    They scored 16% on Wanabe, higher than 28% of your peers.

  • Ignorance Distribution

    They scored 5% on Ignorance, higher than 21% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are Bobo the security bear! Let's just say that he's not the sharpest tool in the shed and you should be ashamed of yourself for scoring so little on this ultimate test. And yes I realise that ... Read more


You are Beaurigard! Well I truly feel sorry for your distinct lack of knowledge on the most wonderous subject of the Muppets. Please feel free to buff up abnd retake the test when you find yourself ... Read more

Swedish Chef

You are Swedish Chef! Did you know that a possible name on the drawing board for this character was "Dippy Doo"? Doesn't that just sum up your efforts here today just a wee bit? Read more

Randy and Andy

You are Randy and Andy Pig! These two haphazard characters are the ridiculously unwielding and relentless nephews of the famed Miss Piggy. They really are one sandwich short of a picnic despite bein... Read more


You are Robin! Robin being the nephew of the infamous Kermit himself. Now, Robin is only rated this low due to his youth and lack thereof of experience in the world of wide. He has potential and it... Read more


You are Camilla! This is Gonzo's significant other. Very likeable just not too intelligent. Please keep trying. Read more

Bert and Ernie

You are Bert and Ernie! These two loveable deviants are regulars in Sesame Street and sadly lack a little in the old loaf department. They are warm-hearted and full of the avid enthusiasm to succeed... Read more


You are Scooter! Alas, sadly you're nuttier than a fruit cake, and so want to be the much loved fun loving Muppet that some of your colleagues are - but sadly you will always fall slightly short of t... Read more


You are Waldorf! You ar guilty of the odd bout of absolute ignorance. But it is no matter as you score highly with Muppet Mania. Quite an unusual case as ...... well to be quite frank this outcome ... Read more


You are Janice! Yes the hard-rocking chick fom the Electric Mayhem. You can from time to time be rather stupid but you score well within the Muppet Mania side of things which means you cannot be all... Read more


You are Sweetums! You desperately want to fit in all the time in knowing all about the Muppets - you are guilty of educated guessing and hoping for the best. Yet you score fairly well within the Mup... Read more


You are Zoot! It is often commented that "Zoot skips a groove" - this means that you are a tad wacky and can be rather slow (probably due to one too many bumps to the head). You want to be loved and... Read more

Miss Piggy

You are Miss Piggy! Wow check you - youlittle diva! You score fairly with Muppet Mania and very well with True Fan. We all know that you have a certain debonair, eccentric, luvvoe and yet somewhat ... Read more


You are Statler! Prone to be a bit of a grump and yet you still rate highly with knowledge of your co-workers. You are true to your kind and yet try to prove otherwise to the world. Youare certainl... Read more


You are Pepe! You ar the King Prawn among Muppets and score fairly in the top three categories. Despite your simple appearance you know your stuff and value your world. Read more

Dr. Teeth

You are Dr. Teeth! Oh my goodness - you are a but of an all rounder. True at heart, and partial manic and a definate wanabe. Shame that you seem to be one sandwich short of a picnic. Read more


You are Rizzo! Now you, little dude know your stuff when it comes to your co-workers and effectively friends. Never doubt the worth of one so small! You have enormous heart my friend. Read more


You are Fozzie! Now you know your stuff when it comes to your co-workers and effectively friends. Albeit that you stumble from time to time due to the effort it takes to keep those cogs whirring in ... Read more


You are Rowlf! You are one hip and happening dog my friend. You know the people around you and act upon your hopes and dreams - the ultimate wanabe. Kepp it up fella! Read more


You are Animal! Now who would dare argue with you? Occasionally slow in mind, yet you do well as a wanabe. Your friends meana lot to you - and you are not far from being and ultimate Muppet maniac.... Read more


You are Gonzo! You are the ultimate Muppet Maniac and truly value your friends and co-workers. You've no need to be a wanabe as you do whatever takes your fancy - there is no back burner here my fri... Read more

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

You are Dr. Bunsen Honeydew! Man you are one clever son of a *****, although you lack upon occasions in the common sense stakes when it comes to knowing all. Still no matter - you scored well and sh... Read more


You are Kermit! You are true green my friend! You are an ultimate Muppet maniac, you prove to be a true fan of your own world of work and you have elements of wishing to better yourself - usually fo... Read more


You are Beaker! Okay so you have elements of the half-witted about you and can be ratehr simple at times. You also lack the ability to make a decision and rely upon your piers to o this for you. Yo... Read more

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