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Typical Geek

53% Quality and 43% Style!

You understand the mechanics of writing, and you're sure you can do it, but your application is a bit heavy. You're very shy about showing other people your work. You shouldn't be; they'll probably like it. This is the stage in writing where I highly reccomend you join a writing group - be it online or off - who may help you to improve both your style and quality, as well as to assist you in more easily combining the two.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Writing Quality Distribution

    They scored 53% on Writing Quality, higher than 15% of your peers.

  • Writing Style Distribution

    They scored 43% on Writing Style, higher than 21% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are, sad to say, at the bottom of the literary food chain. You have a low level of skill in writing, and no distinctive style. In most cases, this means you read little and you probably don't wri... Read more

Geek in Training

You can write, but most of your writing probably ends up posted on your website or on a forum somewhere. You do a lot of reading and very much an analytical thinker, and you probably most enjoy writi... Read more

Budding Reformer

Your high point is that you have a very distinctive style, you are and probably quite creative and prone to turning out some of the strangest ideas anybody's seen. Your quality, though, is lacking. ... Read more

Would-be Artist

You are probably the amateur writer that is most despeised in a typical writing community. You've got a high level of self confidence and a huge vocabulary, and you often seem intent on other writers... Read more


You've done some reading and emperimentation, and you're beginning to understand the basic mechanics behind creative writing. The problem is that your style is relatively blank, and so your writing d... Read more

Typical Geek

You understand the mechanics of writing, and you're sure you can do it, but your application is a bit heavy. You're very shy about showing other people your work. You shouldn't be; they'll probably ... Read more

Shy Reformer

You're not a bad writer, and you're probably getting lots of attention for your writing at this point. You should use this attention as a way to get critiques - you tend to be very possessive of your... Read more

Virgin Artist

You've got mechanics down pat, but you're a bit overconfident. Writing to you is a very serious business - your writing tends to be heavy and ponderous due to an influx of words. You should try join... Read more

Middle Man

Other writers love you, but your English isn't particularly pleased. You've tried the styles out, you know HOW to write, but you like to take the middle road with your writing. You do a lot of colla... Read more

Major Geek

You are into science fiction. Advanced Technology is your thing, particularly when you're out writing the destruction of people. You've got a very analytical mind and tend to focus on the science of... Read more

Idea Reformer

You are amazing when it comes to sheer originality of writing. Your style in and of itself tends to be very conducive to dropping hints and introducing extreme characters. You get plot ideas that ar... Read more

Alluding Artist

At this point, you've probably become one of the leaders of your writing group. You don't write all that often, but when you do, it's incredible. Just watch out for your typical problems; making the... Read more

Ghost Writer

You are a grand mystery. You have a style that is completely your own, without that focus on mechanics. You are an amazing writer, but your weakest point is probably your lack of a strength. You wo... Read more

Dr. Scientist

You tend to scare people (myself included) with the sheer amount of knowledge you pack into your writing. You can make even a fantasy world seem alive with rich cultural references and social systems... Read more

Social Reformer

You're the type of writer who can write something radical for fun, and have it turn into a classroom classic. You observe and considers everything, and your mind is constantly wondering, 'what if?'. ... Read more

Artisan Of The Ages

You are very much into an overblown style. But you're comfortable without, and you know quite well when enough is enough. You most likely write romances, to match the idealism in your heart, and pro... Read more

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