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Like I said the pattern will become more evident and accurate as more people take it, so forward it. And if you wish, retake it later to see the precision of the scores narrowing.

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[ All of these acronyms have been invented for the sake of this test and are no way related to anything beyond it ]

0% OMMS [Older male maternal sibling]

100% 2D4D-Ratios [Index / Ring-finger Ratios]

0% AFADP [Acquired Foreign Androgens During Pregnancy ]

0% Blood-R_HR [Blood Related Homosexual Relative]

29% OA-LTH [Overall Leaning towards homosexuality]

The OMMS factor - refers to maternal older siblings, since male homosexuals are more frequent when the mother has previously bared another male child. A high score refers to the relevancy of older male siblings.

The 2D4D-Ratios factor - refers to the correlation between a shorter or equally long index finger versus the ring finger that states, a shorter index finger is common among male homosexuals and the average woman. Other interesting facts are a person's facilitation in sports such as running, swimming or soccer can be rather fairly accurately measured by how long the index finger versus the ring finger, the longer the index finger the easier it is to say that person's abilities in such sports are greater; this length ratio can also be used to measure someone's likeliness to have a heart attack, since index finger length is linked to testosterone exposure in the womb a long index finger is closely related to knowing someone's likeliness to a heart attack. Another interesting fact is people with shorter index fingers seem to be likely to excel at numeracy, while an equally long index finger seems to be present among people that are better al literacy. Now a days is considered modern day's phrenology. A high score is related to a shorter index finger.

AFADP factor - refers to the fact that some of a man's testosterone does get in to a woman's blood stream when the male ejaculates thru vaginal sex. Weather if some of that testosterone finds its way to a developing foetus during the gestation stages of pregnancy after sex I do not know but a pattern is trying to arisen, if there is even one, thru this test. An interesting fact is that women who have in a regular basis unprotected sex with its male partner are, against women that have just as much sex but their partners use condoms, much less depressed or prone to it. Other interesting fact is that heterosexual women cohabiting a house found their selves with their menstrual cycle synchronised, whilst homosexual women cohabiting a house do not, though I really cannot imagine why.

This variable is relevant since testosterone exposure in the womb is linked to 2D4D ratio (Index / ring finger length ratio).

A low or high score among the overall test after it's had some test-takers to formulate an accurate score if there is a possible positive to this interrogation.

Blood-R_HR factor - refers simply to the likeliness of homosexuality running more or less in different families.

OA-LTH factor - high scores show the likeliness of all of the previous variables to be linked in how it is in fact nature rather than nurture.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • OMMS Distribution

    They scored 0% on OMMS, higher than 29% of your peers.

  • 2D4D-Ratios Distribution

    They scored 100% on 2D4D-Ratios, higher than 69% of your peers.

  • AFADP Distribution

    They scored 0% on AFADP, higher than 2% of your peers.

  • OA-LTH Distribution

    They scored 29% on OA-LTH, higher than 17% of your peers.

  • Blood-R_HR Distribution

    They scored 0% on Blood-R_HR, higher than 38% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Smelly Kid

Like I said the pattern will become more evident and accurate as more people take it, so forward it. And if you wish, retake it later to see the precision of the s... Read more

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