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Rational (NT) - Mindmate

63% Rational, 6% Artisan, 25% Idealist and 6% Guardian!


Your best matches:

1. Idealist (NF) – Soulmate

If sharing ideas with an NT means arguing over definitions, logical categories, and necessary consequences, it is onerous to NFs, who are willing to engage in such debates for only short periods of time, and only if the discussion remains friendly. And conflict between the NT's cool resistance to showing emotion and the NF's desire for emotional expressiveness is an endless problem in their relationships, though one that is usually overshadowed by these two temperaments' rare compatibility.

2. Another Rational (NT) - Mindmate

Two Rationals are likely to be fascinated by each other's research and discoveries and by their tools and technologies. The main trouble in NT-NT marriages is that each tends to stay absorbed in his or her own cognitive world, each forgetting to notice the other, and thus doubling the distance to be overcome in the relationship. 

Your dating style:

Rational make wonderful mates - they are loyal, uncomplaining, warmly sexual, honest and aboveboard in their communications, and not in the least possessive. But for all the satisfactions they bring to a marriage, establishing romantic relationships with Rationals usually requires more time and energy than with the other temperaments. 


Indeed, as a mater of personal ethics, Rationals usually regard sex activity with distaste. Even taking about their sexual experiences is uncomfortable for them, and they are not likely to discuss past involvements with a partner or with others, and almost never discuss their current sex life with friends. In most cases, Rationals are not at all reluctant to explore their sexuality once they have committed to a relationship.


Thus, generally speaking, dating for Rationals is a sometimes difficult search for a person they deem worthy of their personal investment. If the relationship calls for a short-term involvement, a short-term investment is made, and the NT makes sure the temporary nature of the affair is clearly understood by the other party. Should this not be agreeable, the NT is likely to shrug his or her shoulders and turn away, with only mild regrets. If, on the other hand, the relationship calls for a long-term commitment, a long-term commitment is made, and will be honored even if the relationship does not develop as satisfactorily as anticipated. Once Rationals have made their search and decided on a mate, they are unlikely to have a change of mind.

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Artisan Distribution

    They scored 6% on Artisan, higher than 10% of your peers.

  • Idealist Distribution

    They scored 25% on Idealist, higher than 26% of your peers.

  • Guardian Distribution

    They scored 6% on Guardian, higher than 16% of your peers.

  • Rational Distribution

    They scored 63% on Rational, higher than 94% of your peers.

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