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Their result for The Future Career Test ...

An Art Teacher

You scored 44 creativity, 43 reliability, and 71 ambition!

You're great at organizing all those art projects and getting your class to settle down. You'll make a great art teacher.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • creativity Distribution

    They scored 44% on creativity, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • reliability Distribution

    They scored 43% on reliability, higher than 21% of your peers.

  • ambition Distribution

    They scored 71% on ambition, higher than 73% of your peers.

All possible test results

A Bum!

Well, judging by this little test, you don't seem to have much going for you. The best career we can hope for in your future is panhandling in the street. Read more

A Movie Extra

You have dreams of becoming something big, but you're better suited to being a face in the crowd. Read more

A Police Officer

With your absolute desire for power and getting things done, a career in the police force is probably where we'll see you. Read more

A Receptionist

You make a very reliable and friendly worker. Very well suited to greeting clients and getting those little helpful tasks done on time. Read more

A Waiter/Waitress

You've got the ability to remember all those orders and the will to work hard for those big tips. Read more

An Executive

You've got what it takes to get to the top of a major corporation. Read more

A Cashier

Always at work on time and happy with your lot in life, you'll make a great cashier someday. Read more

A Retail Manager

You are undeniably reliable, and will be able to make your way up to managing a nice little store. Read more

A School Principal

You're a stickler for the rules, and you will manage to climb your way to a respectable position as a school principal. Read more

Street Performer

You're content to do your thing for random pocket change from strangers on the street. Read more

A Journalist

You manage to get a few good stories under your belt, but making those deadlines is the one thing you're really going to have to work on. Read more

A Photographer

You run around the world, in search of that perfect shot, and it shows in your work. You're pretty hard to peg down, but most seem to think you're worth the effort. Read more

A Studio Assistant

You're pretty reliable and have some good insight for your boss's projects. You're happy where you are, who wants fame and fortune anyway? Read more

An Art Teacher

You're great at organizing all those art projects and getting your class to settle down. You'll make a great art teacher. Read more

An Actor/Actress

Whether it's a tv show, commercial, or movie, you've got what it takes to get through those auditions and score those roles. We'll see you in hollywood, hotshot! Read more

A Hairdresser

Your clients depend on you for always cutting their hair just how they want it. Sure, you're not at some big fancy salon, but you get by. Read more

A Doctor

You perform great under stress, and you have what it takes to make a great doctor. Read more

An Engineer

You have the drive and the work ethic to make a great engineer. Not only that, most of your ideas for projects aren't too shabby either! Read more

A Starving Artist

You still live with your parents, but you're doing what you love, right? You still haven't figured out why no one has "discovered" you yet. Read more

A Set Designer

You work behind the scenes on all the hottest Hollywood movies. You've made quite a name for yourself in your field. Read more

A Freelance Artist

Working for anyone else but yourself sucks, and you're well aware of that. You do a fine job bringing in the money without reporting to a boss at the end of the day. Read more

A Tattoo Artist

You'd like to be able to express yourself, but just can't find the will to get your work out in galleries. You'll settle for your walking masterpieces. Read more

A Philosopher

You have some really great theories on mankind, and you've been published on several occasions. Read more

An Art Director

You have a vision....and you're really great at executing it. You make a great living by knowing what you want and getting other people to help you create it. Read more

An Understudy

You have talent and you're always there when people need you. You just don't care enough to get yourself those starring roles. Read more

A Rock Star

You make amazing music, are always on time for rehearsal, and it has payed off. Your fans adore you for it. Read more

A Scientist

You are at the top of your field, making new discoveries (and loads of cash). If they laughed at you in highschool, who's laughing now? Read more

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