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Their result for The Night in a Haunted House Test ...

Healthy and Sane!

You have a 95% Survival Rate and 85 % Sanity Left!

Holy shit! You survive with minimal physical and mental damage. Maybe an odd nightmare here or there and/or some cuts and bruises than take a while to heal, but you've encountered things that no human was ever meant to and you've come out nearly unscathed! Congradulations! You should go into monster fighting for a living. Remember, Wolfmen have nads.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Survival Distribution

    They scored 95% on Survival, higher than 99% of your peers.

  • Sanity Distribution

    They scored 85% on Sanity, higher than 99% of your peers.

All possible test results

Completely Fucked

Damn, did you bomb this test. Either you went totally insane and committed suicide from being in this house or you tried worshipping the Formless Spawn and they simply ate you. I don't know. And no on... Read more


You were never pegged as the smartest kid in the class. In fact usually you were labelled the exact opposite. And so of course fate decided to be a cast-iron bitch by putting you in this situation. Y... Read more


When a human realizes they are total outmatched in every way and have no hope for success, there is generally one way out. Some people may call it insane to take your own life, but you realized in tha... Read more

Dead Skeptic

The whole time you refused to believe this was happened. There's no such thing as ghosts or monsters. Everything is logical. Everything has an explination. Everything always makes sense. Until tonigh... Read more

Holy Martyr

Your faith is strong and your soul is pure. But unfortunately, your body was that of a 98 pound weakling. Maybe you spent too much time inside playing Dungeons and Dragons instead of getting exercize ... Read more

Totally bonkers

You have some basic surival instinct in you, but only towards the mundane. As soon as you realize the situation you are in, your fragile mind is consumed by fear, anxiety, and dread. You collapse and ... Read more

Rain Man

How a mentally and physically handicapped person came to spend a night in a haunted house, I will never know. It must have been a mix of equal parts comedy and just sheer cruelty to have stuck you in ... Read more


Gigantic Howlers monkeys dancing to the Cure while the sun comes down from the sky and offers you a third scoop in your Raisin Bran. OMG! Look! It's Charlie Brown! And he finally kicked that footbal... Read more

So close but so far

You were strong of heart, but deep within that heart beat fester doubts and fears. That combined with a below average physical frame caused you to pause for just one second, one fleeting moment, and f... Read more

Defeat in success

You manage to send the Formless Spawn back into the netherworld or whatever dimension of unspeakable horror they originated from, but your body is devestated in the resulting conflict and you find you... Read more

Fall From Grace

Somewhere along the line, you decided to betray humanity. When you saw the horde of the Formless Spawn your mind snapped and you realized neither you, nor humanity had a chance to survive. So you did ... Read more

I am Iron Man

You escape the house, but your body is horrifyingly deformed. Small children scream and run inside at the sight of you. Women cover their eyes, and southerners considering burning you at the stake to ... Read more

Catatonic Vegetable

You manage to escape the house, but not through defeating the creatures within. You cowardly escape by risking your own body rather than waging your soul against an unknown evil. You fling your self t... Read more


You don't know how you pulled it off, but your survived a horrible experience. You are physically and mentally scared and hide your scars with a scruffy beard and long baggy clothes. You buy yourself... Read more


You defeat the Formless Spawn and cast them back into whatever horror they came from, but your physically remains are horribly injured. You are fated to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair, bu... Read more

Spawn with form

You defeated the things dwelling inside that insidious house, but the end result of your experiences and injuries leaves you totally insane. You look at you injured, scared, and possibly deformed fles... Read more

Serial Killer

You survived the night and escaped the horrible house on the hill, but you forgot one thing: your mental health. Something inside you has changed and you exist now only to kill. Perhaps it is people... Read more

Sore Winner

Your survive with some injury, but you survive nonetheless. However you are unable to look in the mirror or even at your own body without having horrible flashbacks or the tramua you have suffered. Y... Read more


You have survived an evening of horror where most would have perished with ease. Your body still bears scars from it all, but your frame and flesh are not important. Your mind is stronger and your sen... Read more


By some miracle or streak of luck never before achieved, you have survived without any true physical harm. Your body recovers very quickly from the ordeal and you manage to lead an ordinary life... .... Read more

Unholy Servant

Well, you survived. But only physically. Mentally you are completely gone. All that remains in chaotic gibbering madness. Perhaps you become a hobo living far apart from humanity frightening those tha... Read more


You manage to make it through the ordeal and escape from this insidious house of evil. But your sanity is no more. You are found by strangers or friends and it is apparent you have become nothing more... Read more

I Heart Therapy!

You defeat the evil that lurked within that hideous house and manage to get home. There you speak of a strange evil previously unknown to the majority of mankind and are thought to have suffered a hor... Read more

Howard Carter 2.0

You escape from the demon house with your body intact and your mind only a little worse for wear. You find you still clutch the necronomicon to your chest and realize that there are more things like t... Read more

Healthy and Sane!

Holy shit! You survive with minimal physical and mental damage. Maybe an odd nightmare here or there and/or some cuts and bruises than take a while to heal, but you've encountered things that no human... Read more

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