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Their result for The Zombie Test ...

trained fighter

You scored 9 zombieness, 85 survivability, and 14 cannon fodder!

you have what it takes.. good luck

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • zombieness Distribution

    They scored 9% on zombieness, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • survivability Distribution

    They scored 85% on survivability, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • cannon fodder Distribution

    They scored 14% on cannon fodder, higher than 60% of your peers.

All possible test results


you score this low on everything, u really dont care Read more

mall walker

your pretty much cannon fodder Read more


you are the weakest link, go back to your local video store and study up.. Read more


you have some survival skills Read more

soccer mom

you might make it if you tag along with someone stronger Read more

Nursinghome Resident

your probably cranky and tough as nails, but that doesnt stop the fact your feeble one way or another... Read more

trained fighter

you have what it takes.. good luck Read more

fat kid

you have the knowledge from hanging out at the local comic book store, but all them late night gaming sessions and cheetos hasn't helped your health any. Read more

gothic kid

well, you know about the occult, your just to whiney to do anything about it Read more


on your way to rising above death Read more

dead kid

your pretty well off at being a zombie, because of your small size and high agility, but you lack that barracade breaking strength Read more

rotted corpse

you've been dead a while, so your probably falling apart a little more than you want to be Read more

movie stud

you know a bit about the undead and how to handle them, now you just have to make up your mind and choose your side Read more


the undead aren't sure they want to eat your brains or not, your pretty neutral.. Read more

next door neighbor

your the guy who is a main character in the movie, but then ends up dying to come back as a zombie, then ends up dying again at the hands of your once friends. Read more

zombie hunter

you have the know how, and you put it to use.. Read more

factory worker

you live alone, so you get plenty of time for watching the movies, you work hard, but your not exactly in shape Read more

bag lady

you've seen it all before, and you know how to make a living with nothing, but your old and fat and soft Read more


the cream of the crop, the ultimate of everyones favorite all time horror icon!! Read more

fresh corpse

you've recently returned from death, and haven't gotten the ropes yet. Read more

Depressed Zombie

your finding out unlife isnt all its cracked up to be.. Read more

hardened corpse

you've been around as a zomb for a while and have the ropes down Read more

Zombie mom

you have the urge to eat flesh, and you delight in the kill. you just feel its necessary to take care of your zombie family as well. Read more

lab experiment

your the ultimate creation, but you have a big weakness Read more

zombie lord

you could make it either way you choose, just hope you choose the winning side Read more

fat zombie

your extra girth gives you a lot of durability, but it also equals a lot to rot at once, and makes you a bigger target. Read more

naturally dead

dont know how u could max all the scores, and we are unclear where that places you, try again, ninja! Read more

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