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Nice but idiotic

You're nice, but pretty darn stupid. A bit of a Tim Nice-But-Dim character really.

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"Zero Tolerance" all over, I'm afraid. You hate stupid people, and perhaps you have the right to with your high levels of common sense - but bear in mind that your attitude could land you in trouble o... Read more


You don't suffer fools gladly, that's for sure. A stupid person to you is no better than scum - but maybe you need to think more about your actions, because you'd hate it if someone called you stupid! Read more

Look in the mirror

Hey, buster. You hate stupid people, there's no disputing it, but maybe you're not all that bright yourself! If you're going to have such a hard-nosed attitude a bit more common sense wouldn't go amis... Read more


Stupid people don't fear you. Sure, you hate them - but they've got as much on you as you have on them. Actions speak louder than words, and your actions are usually pretty stupid. Read more

Total Hypocrite!

Oh my word. You're completely stupid, but still find the time in your busy schedule of idiocy to criticise others. The tragic thing is they're probably brighter than you. Read more

Intolerant Smarty

You're a bright one, that's for sure - but your tolerance needs working on. Are you sure you can justify your rudeness with the obnoxious cover of intelligence? Read more


You need to work on your attitude a little as you're prone to the occassional act of idiocy yourself it seems! Read more

Intolerant Fool

Oh my word, you're a fool. An intolerant fool. You have fewer brain cells than most and are injustifiably snooty with it. Perfect partner: Tara Palmer-Tompkinson. Read more

Intolerant Clown

Get those big shoes out of here, clowny, because this test ain't big enough for the both of us. You're a complete clown, and can't suffer fools either. Are you really qualified enough to hold such an ... Read more


Crikey, there's not many around as stupid as you. Quite how you can have such an intolerant attitude to others is beyond me. You're a twat, basically. Read more

So-so smarty

Well you know your stuff, and you're fairly tolerant with it; but your attitude is questionable at times. Work on that tolerance and you'll be a better personal for it. Read more


You're on par for the course. There's not a lot I can say about you. You're pretty boring, really. Work on the tolerance perhaps. Read more

So-so Fool

Well you're on par mostly, but you're a bit stupid and slightly intolerant. Sorry. Read more

So-so Clown

You're mildly intolerant, and completely out of your depth. Can you even read this, eh? Stupid! Read more

So-so Buffoon

You shouldn't still be alive. By now you should have mashed your own face off whilst trying to make potatoes or something. You're mildly intolerant, but that doesn't come close to your total outright ... Read more

Nice one!

What a guy. You're clever and pretty tolerant with it. Maybe I should have thrown more taxing questions your way? Read more

Nice but slow

Well you're a nice guy, but you come a bit unstuck on tricky questions and occasionally act the fool. Read more

Nice but dim

Nice attitude, shame about the brains. Read more

Nice but idiotic

You're nice, but pretty darn stupid. A bit of a Tim Nice-But-Dim character really. Read more


Patient, but completely stupid. I suppose you would have such a level of patience to other fools if you are one. Sorry about that! Read more

The Saint

You are the perfect specimen! The tolerance of a saint paired with the brains and reasoning of, well, me. I hereby authorise you to print out a certificate of your own making. Read more

Very Tolerant

You're a nice guy, very tolerant but a little slow on the uptake sometimes. You're not totally stupid, but you know what they say... slippery slope and all that. Read more

Tolerant Fool

You've got a great attitude, but your brain seems to be shrinking as you grow older! Read more

Tolerant Clown

You've got a great attitude, but you're a bit of an idiot. I think you need to take a long hard look at yourself. Read more

Tolerant Moron

Patience of a saint, brain of a grape. You are a total moron, but nice with it. Read more

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