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A+ (Nigh-Perfect)

You got 38 questions right out of 40.SCORING BREAKDOWN: 14/14 Easy Questions -- 13/13 Medium Questions -- 11/13 Hard Questions

Aahhh! So close! You only missed a few. You have a superior grasp on the English Language, and even this difficult test was no problem for you. Obviously, you breezed though the easy- and medium-level questions, and many of the difficult ones were no trouble either. But what's more: I think there were six questions on this test that were particularly tricky, and you got at least half of them right! Again, well done. You either studied English in college or are an exceptionally avid and attentive reader.

I doubt I would've done this well on my own test. Thanks again for taking it. If you liked it, make sure to rate it! Congratulations, again.

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • EasyQuestions Distribution

    They scored 14% on EasyQuestions, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • MediumQuestions Distribution

    They scored 13% on MediumQuestions, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • HardQuestions Distribution

    They scored 11% on HardQuestions, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • TOTAL Distribution

    They scored 38% on TOTAL, higher than 91% of your peers.

All possible test results


You have done miserably. Either your work on this test or the development of your mind is INCOMPLETE. It's hardly worth my time to comment on your results. Read more

F (Failed)

You have FAILED. Maybe English isn't your first language, or maybe you are a teenager. In either case, time is your friend. Keep reading; keep growing; stay alive. You can't help but do better in the ... Read more

D (Desultory)

By randomly guessing, a monkey with a stick would get 14 questions right on my test. You did about as well, maybe a bit better. All the same, you outperformed some human takers and you clearly... Read more

C (Competent)

You did pretty well. There were a bunch of questions you didn't get right, but there were a bunch you did. In all likelihood, you're an intelligent person. It's possible you don't have much reason to ... Read more

B- (Capable)

Congratulations. You're in the upper echelon. You barely made it, but you're there. The test was difficult, and you've proved yourself superior to the majority. You have a solid grasp on most principl... Read more

B (Skillful)

Well done! You got about three-fourths of the questions right, on a difficult test. Some subtleties are beyond you at the moment, but overall you're a fine and praise-worthy writer. I'd trust you as a... Read more

B+ (Adroit)

Very well done! It was a difficult test and you all but aced it. You have much more than a grasp of good English, you have command of the language. You've clearly read a great deal, and it's po... Read more

A- (Expert)

Congratulations! This test was no trouble for you; you've mastered English usage. You're in the elite. Sure, there were a few questions that you missed, but the test was difficult, and, of cou... Read more

A (Scintillating)

Congratulations! You've done exceptionally well. You cruised through the easy and medium questions, and many, nay, most of the difficult ones. You're rarified, a master. The vast majority of English-s... Read more

A+ (Nigh-Perfect)

Aahhh! So close! You only missed a few. You have a superior grasp on the English Language, and even this difficult test was no problem for you. Obviously, you breezed though the easy- and medium-level... Read more

A++ (Perfect)

Bravo! You got every question right. You have a FLAWLESS grasp of the English Language. To be honest, I would not have done this well on my own test. Provided you didn't cheat, you have my ever-lastin... Read more

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