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Bleeding Heart

Congratulations! You're about as unpsychopathic as they come.

All possible test results

Bleeding Heart

Congratulations! You're about as unpsychopathic as they come. Read more

Average Joe

You're about average. You're pretty modest, too. Read more


You don't think excessively highly of yourself, but you don't care much about others, either. Read more

Ice Cold

You're ice cold. Read more


You're about average and definitely not a psychopath. Read more


You're a moderate. Read more

Frighteningly Cold

You're frigid! Read more

No Compassion

You seem to have no concern for others. Read more


You're a little boastful of your abilities and somewhat manipulative perhaps, but you're not especially unemotional. Read more


You're a narcissist. Read more


You seem preoccupied with yourself. Read more


You seem unconcerned with others, narcissistically confident in your own abilities, and lacking the emotional barriers that stop most people from hurting others intentionally. Read more


You probably think you're a reincarnated god. Read more


You're completely full of yourself and use people as objects. You do have a sense of morality, at least. Read more


You're highly self-centered, deceitful, and emotionally detached. You have much in common with psychopaths. Read more


You scored in the highly psychopathic range. You are highly self-centered, manipulative, deceitful, emotionally detached, and prone to blame others for the wrongs you commit. Read more

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