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You scored 17 athleticism, 17 friendliness, 6 intelligence, and 17 coolness!

You're probably really popular, but that's not so rare from stupid people. They have to overcompensate (that's pronounced oh-ver-kom-pen-sayt) for lacking in the brains department. I'd say you could publically destroy me, but you probably can't read this paragraph anyways.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • athleticism Distribution

    They scored 17% on athleticism, higher than 97% of your peers.

  • friendliness Distribution

    They scored 17% on friendliness, higher than 50% of your peers.

  • intelligence Distribution

    They scored 6% on intelligence, higher than 32% of your peers.

  • coolness Distribution

    They scored 17% on coolness, higher than 51% of your peers.

All possible test results

Category 1

It is sad that this category even exists. You are a shame to the male sex. Put down the bottle cap collection, wash your hair, and give that girl with the big mole on her face, a call. She's probab... Read more

Cool, but lacking...

You may be in the cool ranking, which is pretty good for stupid, overweight asshole. I suppose there's always room for you at the cool lunch table, so long as you don't talk to anybody. Read more

Smarty Pants

Hey, you may not be nice, good at sports, or have any rating on the coolness factor, but at least you're smart enough to ignore all of the people that hate you, right? You will always have those inte... Read more

Cool and Smart?

You fall in the especially rare pile of cool people who are smart. Cherish it, because sitting around being a dick to everybody you meet ain't gonna get you laid, but you can always impress that luck... Read more

Schweet' art

Aren't you just the nicest guy? You just aim to please, and are the obvious choice for many a mercy date. Hey, just because she has hair on her upper lip doesn't mean she doesn't need love, too! Read more

Friendly and cool!

You are the ultimate party guy! Who wouldn't want to go out with the only guy in the world to have a tongue ring, but no tatoos! But that coolness should come in handy when you're trying to fill out... Read more

Friendly and Smart!

If not for all the jocks giving you wedgies back in the day, you probably wouldn't have had to force your best friend to take you to prom. Let me give you a little friendly advice. Pick up a hockey ... Read more

Stand up, lard ass!

You might be nice, smart, and somewhat cool (though we're still rechecking the scores on that one), you definitely need to put down the burger and hit the treadmill. Rome wasn't built in a day, and n... Read more

Dumb Jock

Well, you don't have a whole lot going for you, but at least you can kick that kid's ass in the checkered pants! You seriously need to open a book, put down the weights, and go to a party. Getting a... Read more

Cool Jock

You can bench 350, and you get invited to all the coolest parties. Which is a pretty good feat, considering what a stupid asshole you are. Etiquette lessons from an educated teacher would do wonders... Read more

Smart Jock

A rare combo of abilities. You can run the 100 meter dash and memorize Our Town at the same time. Now if you weren't so cocky about it, maybe you'd get more dates. Asshole. Read more

Unfriendly Prick

Lucky for you that you have all the other qualities going for you. If you weren't so well-built, I'd punch you in the face. Of course, you'd probably outsmart me, or get some of your cool friends to... Read more

Stupid loser

You can run fast, and the fat girl in chorus likes you, but that's about it, pal. I just imagine you sitting at home, alone, pumping iron, thinking about how pretty that color wallpaper is. Read more


You're probably really popular, but that's not so rare from stupid people. They have to overcompensate (that's pronounced oh-ver-kom-pen-sayt) for lacking in the brains department. I'd say you could... Read more

What happened?

You had it all going for you, but somehow it just doesn't come together. You play croquet, you got 1530 on your SATs, and you're the most popular kid in Jazz Band, so why don't you ever get phone cal... Read more

Mr. Perfect

Finally, somebody has it all figured out. From your perfect shoes to your massive brain, from your rock hard abs to your endless stream of fine fillies, you're never bored or alone. You make me want... Read more

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