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This race is painted by all observers as passionate and excitable. It has less depth of mind and is easily aroused, and easily reconciled; loves strong, vivid colours, and vivid impressions of all kinds; tends to take a deep, often childish interest in its fellow-men (which must not, however, be long strained); takes great joy in the spoken word and in pleasing and lively movements; and is inclined to find suppleness and craft particularly worthy of interest and praise. With all these qualities the Mediterranean man looks on life with merry eyes more as a play, whereas the Nordic lives it more as a set task. The Mediterranean man is eloquent, often a skilled orator, not seldom he is (at least for the Nordic observer) talkative and somewhat superficial. His spirits are quick to rise, and quick to sink; he is very ready, too, to fall into hot strife, and forgives sooner than the men of other races; and with all this his lively feeling of honour does not forsake him, nor his ready self-expression in word and gesture. The mental energies are all turned rather outwards, in the Nordic man inwards.


The Mediterranean man is not very hard-working, often he is lazy; he likes to enjoy life the more. He is not very drawn to money-making; anyhow, he does not exert himself much over this. He has as little of the Nordic energy as he has of the industry and activity of the Alpine race; hence we have the lower dolichocephaly, that is, the stronger brachycephaly (Hither Asiatic and Alpine) of the upper classes in southern Italy.


The Mediterranean man is very strongly swayed by the sexual life, at least he is not so continent as the Nordic (who need not therefore feel the sexual urge any the less). It is with the sexual that the lively Mediterranean wit makes play (the esprit gaulois shows a great deal of this), and sex is the object of his passionateness, of his feeling for colour schemes in dress, and of his quick rather than deep artistic gifts.


A disposition to cruelty and animal torture, a not unfrequent inclination to Sadism,7 may perhaps stand in relation to the stronger sexuality.


Taking de Lapouge's assertion that it is the spirit of Protestantism which is to be seen in the Nordic man -- a connexion pointed to on the whole by a comparison of the distribution of race and of faith in Europe -- we might say that Protestantism is bound to be something quite foreign to the Mediterranean, with his love of stirring oratory, of gesture, of bright colours, and of show.


The faith of the Mediterranean man is not so deeply rooted in conscience as with the Nordic; it belongs rather to the senses, is an expression of the joy of living and of the goodness of heart so often characterizing him. This goodness of heart shows itself first and foremost in the Mediterranean man in his love (which to the Nordic seems often exaggerated) for his children, and in general in the deep affection of the family life.


In public life the Mediterranean man shows but a slight sense of order and law, and a want of forethought. He is quickly roused to opposition, and is ever wishing for change; the south of France, predominantly Mediterranean, eagerly votes 'radical.' Mediterranean ferment (il voit rouge) stands opposed to Nordic restraint in social life also. Thus there is a tendency to lawless (anarchical) conditions, to secret plotting (Camorra and Maffia in Italy, Sinn Fein in Ireland, some of the features of Italian and French freemasonry), and to an adventurous life of robbery.8


The predominantly Mediterranean south of Italy (with Sicily and Sardinia) is characterized by a higher percentage of deeds of violence and murder; and Niceforo significantly calls a district in Sardinia, where the Mediterranean element is markedly predominant, the criminal district (zona delinquente). 

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