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East Baltic

To the foreigner the men of the East Baltic race seem at first to be reserved, moody beings, heavy and slow, mistrustful and silent, apparently content to live on little, and ready to spend week after week in dull and dogged toil. Seen nearer, their mental life is found to be far more complicated. The East Baltic man, when his tongue has once been loosened among intimates, can change from his taciturnity to a lively flow of speech and wealth of words. He who seemed to be living so patiently and contentedly reveals a discontent that is never wholly lulled, and may grow to a boundless unrest. Above all, he reveals imaginative powers breaking out in all directions, and ever at work on a welter of images -- imaginative powers that often disclose themselves by the way in which conversation wanders off into vague, ever-changing plans for the future, and the craziest of notions.


The East Baltic man quickly changes to a confused, rambling dreamer, weaving endless tales, and full of plans; he becomes a visionary, and even in the tangle of his imaginative powers his characteristic irresoluteness and lack of any sense of reality can be seen.12 He cannot decide either for good or for evil, and so ends by leaving his surroundings as they were; he shows himself averse from all change, and at last puts everything into 'God's hands,' ending with a dumb belief, a belief very often of unrelieved gloom, in some destiny hanging over him. His disposition being such, particularly with its lack of resolution, the East Baltic man does not come very far even with all his industry, stubborn and determined though it often is. He can bear much suffering, privation, and oppression from those in power; and often shows great steadfastness. But there is a lack of any real creative power. Opposed to all individuality, and always cultivating a dead level of thought for all, the East Baltic man is generally a patient and long-suffering subject. He has a particularly lively sense of patriotism; but needs to be led. Well treated, he is a faithful, often a meek subordinate. To his neighbours he is usually helpful and hospitable; to his kinsfolk he is kind, not so much in word, as in deed; but even in his more intimate moments he never expresses himself decidedly or positively, but always with reservations. When he has to deal with strangers he is inclined to become cunning. He is very revengeful, and when he is after vengeance, he is far-seeing and remarkably crafty. He inclines to brutality in his sexual relations, and, indeed, to brutality in general. The German districts with most East Baltic blood have 'a heavy proportion of crime';13 So it is with East Prussia, Posen, and Silesia, particularly in respect of dangerous bodily injuries, and light and serious theft.

What is particularly striking about the East Baltic man is his quick change of disposition: he may have been in a violent rage with a man a moment before, then comes repentance, and he is ready for a boundless reconciliation, and to give himself up to every kind of self-reproach. He springs in a moment from dejection to unrestrained high spirits, from a dull indifference to fanaticism. After weeks of dreary toil he will often heedlessly squander all that he has earned. His boisterousness may turn to a blind lust of destruction. 'Nihilism' lies deep in the East Baltic soul. He seldom knows how to keep the wealth he has earned; riches make him extravagant and fond of show. 

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