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Their result for The Virtuous or Villainous Test ...


You scored 84 Valor and 25 Villainy!

An impossible blend of love, hatred, violence, peacefulness, rage, and calm. Whoever else could have done this? Only you, the Anti-Hero.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Valor Distribution

    They scored 84% on Valor, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • Villainy Distribution

    They scored 25% on Villainy, higher than 34% of your peers.

All possible test results

No Emotion

You are an emotionless, faceless entity. No soul. No heart. No feelings. Death is nothing to you, neither is life. Read more


Doesn't mean you'll go out and kill someone. But you will when the time's right, see to it. Read more

No honor

No honor for you. "Just give me what's mine or I'll take it." Read more

Death watcher

You'll kill anyone that gets in your way.. even your own mother. Read more

Evil Incarnate

The very personification of wickedness. Congrats... you'll take this world. Read more


Nice, but cowardess and temptation often interfere with your morals. Still brutal when provoked. Read more

Middle Ground

Evil? Good? The lines between these all ill-defined in your book. Yet you might care.. almost. Read more


Your wicked side may take over your good side soon. You better watch out what you do... you may turn without provocation. Read more

Selfish Deathmongor

You may do a little for your fellow man... but for the most part, you'd rather watch them die than watch one drop of blood leave your body. Read more

Hateful Deathmonger

No one has ever seen you do anything charitable. Because you don't. You help those who help themselves... you. Read more


You valor is strong, yet your heart lacks sympathy. You give in, but only slightly. Still brutal, but with that annoying concience in the back of your head. Read more


Sketchy lines are drawn between good and evil.... you can't find exactly where you lie.. Read more

Anti Hero

You are the perfect Anti Hero. Bad, good. You'll help.. but not without violence. Those you love are safe around you.. yet your enemies know only pain. Read more

Greed Protector

You'll kill anyone shy of your own flesh and blood to get your way. Read more

No hope

You may help your fellow man... but when push comes to shove... they're getting shoved. Read more


You've made it past temptation, wickedness and greed. One of few. Read more


You experience pangs of violence.. but all in all... you keep it well hidden, and under control.....for now. Read more


You've strived for excellence.. but in the end, you've returned nothing but a villian. And so close to perfection. Read more


You're apt to kill anyone that gets in your way. But you'll still protect the common good. Loved by many... feared by all. Read more


The wickedness is in your blood. It cannot be taked out. You still have rational thought... love for your allies... but a strong hatred and desire to KILL your enemies. Read more


The top echelon of valor. You love your enemies as your love your friends. You'll help anyone, regardless. Nothing can tempt you. For you are at the top. Read more


You made it to the near top. If it wasn't for your violent urges, you'd be there. But most people are right here anyways.. so whats the worry? Read more


Radical ideas. Radical thoughts. Free and dangerous. Dangerous to those who oppose you... loved ones are safe, yet innocents are dead. Read more


The poison had taked over your blood... there is no stopping. You are turning evil and this is the last phase.... no turning back Read more


An impossible blend of love, hatred, violence, peacefulness, rage, and calm. Whoever else could have done this? Only you, the Anti-Hero. Read more

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