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Poor, yes, but you do attempt a free-market economy from time to time. Keep trying--and hope that Serbia isn't going to invade you anytime soon.

For your information, the possible countries in this test include: Haiti, North Korea, Albania, Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, Poland, India, Singapore, China, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Libya, Tanzania, East Timor, Lithuania, Indonesia, Iran, Canada, Israel, Sweden, Australia, Germany, or the United States of America.

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Sorry you ended up as Haiti. You're poor, corrupt, don't care much about civil liberties, and couldn't even invade the Dominican Republic if you tried. Try to get your life in order, would you? For... Read more

North Korea

Ooooh, you're poor but you like to lash out. You're not much for morals, or elections for that matter, but long-range missiles? Now there's an idea! For your information, the possible countries in ... Read more


Poor, yes, but you do attempt a free-market economy from time to time. Keep trying--and hope that Serbia isn't going to invade you anytime soon. For your information, the possible countries in this... Read more


Being the country that spawned t.A.t.U. can't be all bad, can it? Yes it can. You're Russia. You wallow in poverty, and corruption runs rampant. You're paranoid of your neighbors, and your economy for... Read more


You've got a decent income--way to go. Time to work on some other departments. Elections, for instance. Liberalization is key. And maybe spruce up your tourism--you've got potential there. For your... Read more


You've got a decent economy going and you're definitely starting to get wealthier. And you're a bit conservative, but you've got a lot of political freedoms. Still, spend a little less money on that m... Read more


Poland likes to get rolled over a bit, but you've got a few things going for you. You're economy isn't all that terrible and you've got some political freedoms. Still, watch out for those ex-communist... Read more


You are a massive, sprawling country that has some issues with its neighbors. As a whole, you're doing OK in the economy department. Work on consolidating your life and toning down that curry. For ... Read more


Great job in the economy department! You're wealthy and you know it. Still, you can't really invade anyone. And you really need to open up a bit politically. For your information, the possible coun... Read more


China is a rising star. You're doing well in the economy department, and you're really working at defense. You're a bit aggressive, and you're not really guided by morality. Open up a bit politically,... Read more

The Netherlands

Controlled marijuana use and euthanasia are legal in your country. Congratulations! You're prosperous and you're self-assuredly liberal. But you couldn't invade Belgium even if you tried. For your ... Read more

United Kingdom

Start waving the Union Jack--you've become the United Kingom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. You're a prosperous country with a liberal Labour tradition. Still, you're portrayed as one of the w... Read more


You're poor, but you're basically the best thing the region's got. You like to participate internationally and, though you're poor, you're pretty nice. Hakuna matata! For your information, the poss... Read more


You're poor, but you've got a cause--and you like to lash out. You've got work to do--improve your economy, free up some political freedoms. And your flag? Plain green? Please. Try something else. ... Read more

East Timor

You're a poor country, but you manage to stay afloat. Mostly this is on the basis of your citizens' beliefs and hard work effort. East Timor has a free political system and you're relishing it--fantas... Read more


Your citizens have strong convictions and you're a strong regional player. Congratulations! But you're falling apart at the seams, and at times you can be a bit too aggressive. For your information... Read more


Actually, you used to be an empire! But now, you're a small, fairly conservative country recently freed from the clutches of the Soviet Union. You are, however, a country full of Vilniks. Watch out wh... Read more


You have chosen Iran, a country with a complicated government controlled largely by conservative, religious forces. Try to lay off on the nuclear weapons production and open up a bit, why don't you?p... Read more


You're a charitable country with a soft spot for mounties. Don't plan on invading anyone anytime soon, but be happy--life's good and people everywhere enjoy a welfare state. Vous êtes un pays char... Read more


Your country is guided by a strong sense of right and wrong, and you're pretty prosperous. You have an open political system, but you can actually be quite agressive at times. For your information,... Read more


Congratulations! You've landed a berth as a nation famed for its uncanny mammals, uncanny accent, and uncanny affinity for vegemite. Your government is conservative, but you reach out to your region a... Read more

United States

You are a hegemon. The top cheese militarily, your country is guided by a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. Though your government is conservative, people look to your culture and prosp... Read more


Your country is highly liberal, and, to tell you the truth, your citizens are happy to pay higher taxes in exchange for government-sponsored comfort. You're not a very aggressive country, however--unt... Read more


Congratulations! You're a country that might have had a shady past, but you've come out of it strong, confident, prosperous, and liberal. You are one of the proud few that can truly say, "Ich bin ein ... Read more

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