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You scored 39 Spirituality, 31 Power, and 13 Ritual!

Faith, Power, and Training all give the Shaman the ability to commune with the spirits and appease them to gain their acceptance. Bringing spirits to bear against their enemies, Shaman are dangerous foes when angered.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Spirituality Distribution

    They scored 39% on Spirituality, higher than 93% of your peers.

  • Power Distribution

    They scored 31% on Power, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • Ritual Distribution

    They scored 13% on Ritual, higher than 23% of your peers.

All possible test results


You have no magical talent, you probably never even read any fantasy novels and lived a blissfully mundane life. How sad... Read more


Well, you've learned how to draw magic cirlces, how to align certain elements of a ritual, but you lack the real power or spirituality to make magic work. You have a long way to go before you will ev... Read more


You know how to lay out many complex rituals, however, your magic takes hours if not days to perform before you can even begin to expect results. Keeping working on empowering your magic before you p... Read more

Fledgeling Sorcerer

You've learned to make slight bends in reality in order to achieve what you want. However, your magic often goes wild and you find yourself stuck with unpredictable results. Some ritual never hurt, ... Read more

New Apprentice

You've only recently come under the tutilage of a greater magic user, and have a lot to learn, but you understand that power and ritual are both key to creating great works of magic. Read more


By studying complex ritual and training yourself to wield power to infuse your magical works with energy, you have gained access to the ability to summon creatures from other planes or giving animatio... Read more

War Mage

Having very little beyond your own experience, you have attained extreme power yet that ability is limited by your own capacity and still has wild tendencies. When you enter a battle field you bring ... Read more


With some training and work, you have gained the ability to control your power, but much of your potential is wasted because of your lack of knowledge in how to appropriately control it. You work on ... Read more


With both extensive training in ritual and amazing potential with your inner power, you have achieved the lofty title of Archmagus. You can bring down the stars themselves to crush your foes. Foes q... Read more


You are a strong believer in your faith/patron, but you only have the luxury of occasionally recieving a blessing from that higher power. With more devotion, or training you could go far. Read more


You have learned the rituals of your belief system and are able to call on small blessings from your higher power after lengthy prayer and fasting. You still have a long way to go before you are favo... Read more


You are well versed in the rituals of whatever you believe in, few can match your skill, however, you still lack the raw power to give garner true miracles. Read more


With both faith and power at your command, you are a warrior of your patron. You wield their magic in their name to achieve the patron's goals. Continue to train and you will become a fearsome foe. Read more


Calling on natural powers you have attained a level of power giving you a connection to the land. Through belief, ritual, and power you are versitile, but still have yet to gain mastery over anyone a... Read more


Using complex ritual, you have learned how to bring powerful beings into the world through a combination of belief and power fueling your rituals. Summoners are dangerous but often frail. Read more


A powerful ally recruited under a flag of belief. You are powerful, yet you lack training. Your faith is the only thing that keeps your magic from being merely destructive. Read more

Battle Mage

Powerful, faithful, and well trained. You are a well balanced mage who can alternate between using belief and power to ward off enemies. Your rituals are simple, but they are all you need while in t... Read more


You have gained mastery over the elements. Your power and training are unrivaled. You do have belief, but that belief serves you as motivation instead of giving hope. Read more


You are a fanatic in what you believe. You sometimes get boons from your patron due to your intense devotion. However, you may wind up becoming cannon fodder for your cult's leader if you are not ca... Read more

Cult Leader

You are powerful, and you know how to make people listen to you. Your faith is strong and the rituals you perform in the name of that faith bring others to worship and aid you in your mission from th... Read more


Not only do you have strong faith, but you also have a great handle on the ritual of your faith. Through such combination you can create psuedo-miracles fueled with only your faith and formed by your... Read more

Favored Soul

From birth you have always known you were watched over by something greater than yourself. You can weild strange power which you feel comes from this greater power. You have no formal training, but ... Read more


You are spiritually strong and have both your own power as well as some ritualistic training. You have much greater control than others who weild faith as their means of magic, but you still can go f... Read more

High Priest

You are in a position of great power. You have come into the knowledge of great rituals as well as strong faith. Your own power gives you edge over others, but that is only when you have upset your ... Read more

Sword of Belief

Power and Faith to the extreme. You are the Sword of Belief that when pointed at a foe will unleash wild power in terrible fury of your patron. Nothing can stand before your raw power and ability to... Read more


Faith, Power, and Training all give the Shaman the ability to commune with the spirits and appease them to gain their acceptance. Bringing spirits to bear against their enemies, Shaman are dangerous ... Read more

Supreme Magus

You have it all. You are the pinnacle of magic having balanced great skill with power and even faith. You seem to have no end to power or knowledge. Congrats, the world lays open before you. Read more

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