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Category 16

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The General Zombie

You're one of the stereotypical zombies. You can be seen in, for example, Shaun of the Dead or the Original Dawn of the Dead where you helplessly shamble through the suburbs, unsure of your purpose, d... Read more

The Evil Dead

You're not really a zombie, but a demon spirit in possession of a mortal host. This means a lot of things. First of all, you're nigh-invincible. Bullets, saws, fires, nothing really hurts you. You ca... Read more

T-Virus Zombie

You're almost the stereotypical zombie. You're slow, stupid and extremely pathetic in one-on-one fights. Your true strength lies in numbers, surprise and your ability to mutate if left alone for a lon... Read more

Category 4

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The Townspeople

You're not a zombie, you're just a very angry spanish peasant. You're not decomposing, you're not mindless and you're definitely not to be toyed with. Capable of using guns, tools and even tactics, t... Read more

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Category 8

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The Revamped Zombies

Now we're talking. You're one of the rare, ultra-fast, ultra-deadly zombies seen in Dawn of the Dead (the remake). You're so fresh and new, it's highly unlikely you've ever appeared before. Aside fro... Read more

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Category 16

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