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You scored 84 intellectual, 78 urbanization, and 37 physical!

You are a powerful Mindflayer. Extremely smart and highly civilized, you plot in dark places and are the terror of all adventurers. Don't let the high culture and intellect fool you though. You're also strong enough to rip a person's brain out of their skull (it's how you eat after all). You are a sinister mindflayer.

Because I've been getting a lot of requests for this. Below is a list of every race possible, all of which are possible without skipping any questions or cheating.


Explaination of Scores

Physical: This represents how phsyical you tend to get when dealing with situations. Creature's with high scores like getting physical and tend to be large. Creature's with low scores on the other hand perform poorly when forced into a physical situation.


Mental: This represents how much you enjoy using your mind to over come challenges. Creature's with high scores tend to be very cunning and often posses magical and/or psionic ablities. Creature's with low scores however lack the patience or capacity to deal with situations that require thought to overcome.


Urbanization: This represents the enviroment you prefer. Creature's with high urbanization scores are most comfrotable in places that have been greatly altered to be more livable. Creature's with low urbanization scores prefer natural surrondings and tend to have little impact on their enviroment.


While some of the creature's presented here are typcially good or typically evil, keep in mind that this test has no bearing on your morality. You might be a drow that actully works against the evil forces of loth or a corrupt gnome that designs torture devices. LowUrban.jpgMediumUrban.jpgHighUrban.jpg

Goblin Troglodyte Half-Orc Halfling Zombie Golem Shrieker Human Elf Lizardman Giant Half-Elf Dwarf Dragon Drow Gnome MindFlayer

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • mental Distribution

    They scored 84% on mental, higher than 95% of your peers.

  • urbanization Distribution

    They scored 78% on urbanization, higher than 92% of your peers.

  • physical Distribution

    They scored 37% on physical, higher than 16% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are a Goblin. So you're not the smartest or the strongest and you live in the woods. At least you're popular in most fantasy games (as the prey). Don't worry the under dog always wins in the end ... Read more


You are a smelly Troglodyte. While you aren't necessarily weaker then other races you still use primitive weapons and live in the woods. You tend to be very straight forward and try to use the elemen... Read more


You are a half-orc. Shunned by most of the civilized world you often find yourself in the woods butting heads with other predators. All this head butting has taken a toll on you though, so your not a... Read more


You are a Halfling. You tend to get along well with most other races because your pretty laid back and don't try to outshine anyone (it just happens sometimes). You're not dumb, but you prefer common... Read more


You are a brain dead zombie. You don't make any attempt to think and your not really any stronger then anyone else, but you can be found pretty much anywhere in the world, a city graveyard or a forgo... Read more


You are a Golem (not to be confused with that LOTR character). You are extremely powerful but lack any will of your own. Being a magical construct you can be found most anywhere in the world, acting a... Read more


You are a Shrieker. Pretty much you just sit around inside screaming at stuff. You rely on others to kill stuff for you and you don't really think you just shriek. Being a fantasy alarm system, you a... Read more


You are a human (no, really you are) Ah yes the human, you may not be as brainy as some of the other races but you can hold your own in a fight. You feel most at home in large cities hr wid... Read more


You are a lizardman. You're reasonably strong and intelligent you prefer nature to cold brick and stone. Often misunderstood by the other races you tend to be a loner, but its ok your more then... Read more


You are a Giant. Living on the fringes of society your size has made you an outcast. but you do have some intelligence (depending on your breed) and are therefore not a complete loss. Congratul... Read more


You are a half-elf. A perfect balance of it all. Due to your heritage you are just as comfortable in an urban city as you are in a tree top village. You're also able to hold you own both in cont... Read more


You�re a tree lovin elf. That's right you feel most at home in the woods, but that doesn't mean that you're stupid, far from it. Intellectual matters tend to come quite easily to you. And ... Read more


You are a dragon. Incredibly strong and extremely smart few opponents can truly stand against you. However, while you do enjoy the finer things in life (gold, jewels, silk) you know better then... Read more


You are a Drow. Highly intelligent and more civilized then your surface cousins you make a cunning opponent. While you might be lanky you're no pushover since you rely on speed and precision. Yo... Read more


You are an ingenious gnome. You're always "improving" things and trying to understand how stuff works. You enjoy the comforts of civilization even if it doesn't enjoy you. You tend to be weaker the... Read more


You are a powerful Mindflayer. Extremely smart and highly civilized, you plot in dark places and are the terror of all adventurers. Don't let the high culture and intellect fool you though. You're ... Read more


You are the stout dwarf. Sure you're not as tall as you'd like to be but no one's going to call you small, (dwarves are medium sized creatures after all) especially with that vicious looking ax... Read more

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