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Their result for The Computer (In)competence Test ...

The Shut-in

Well woooo dang! You are a 79::34! (Knowledge::Irksomeness)

You're pretty smart. But do you have any friends? I mean frinds IRL. You know what I mean. I know there's bears outside, but there's also hot women. Hot women with an astonishingly high resolution and hardware accellerated T & A.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • knowledge Distribution

    They scored 79% on knowledge, higher than 68% of your peers.

  • irksomeness Distribution

    They scored 34% on irksomeness, higher than 94% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Hottie

I see this category on a fairly regular basis. She doesn't know much, and yet, such a pleasure to work with. Read more

The n00b

You, my friend, are a beginner when it comes to computers. Your lack of knowledge and experience is nothing to be ashamed of necessarily, but it tends to make your questions kinda annoying. Especially... Read more

The Wheedler

You really don't know anything, but you're VERY enthusiastic. Maybe a little too enthusiastic. RTFM, and then come back. Read more

Crap for Crap

Ok, you don't really know a gooddamn thing, do you? And Yet you come into my shop, try to tell me what's what, and then get pissed off when I can't (or wont) do what you want me to. Please keep in min... Read more

Please Die

Seriously... Read more

The Secretary

You know a little bit about computers. You probably use them on a regular basis, maybe even for work. Excel is the most complicated software maneuver you've made since you had to set up Outlook Expres... Read more

My Friends & Family

You don't know a whole lot, but you know some. You call me at 2 in the morning when your computer dies. If I didn't love you, I would totally charge you for this kind of tech support. Read more


You paid $30,000 to MicroSkills, or ITT, or Coleman College. You've got your certs. You think you're pretty hot shit don't you? You're not. P.S. Don't contradict me in front of my customers. I will... Read more

Over Confident

"I've been building my own systems for years." Oh yeah? I'm surprised they still run... Oh, they don't? Big surprise. Read more

I'm Dangerous

Seriously, you need to to take a good look at yourself. You now just enough to be dangerous, but you probably don't know that. You make wild, sweeping assumptions and unreasonable demands regarding co... Read more

Mostly Harmless

Your knowledge of computers in general is pretty average. You've probably sucessfully installed an operating system before, but maybe you're not too big on configuring the deep, technical internals or... Read more

The Average Joe

You are pretty typical. You've got a fair ammount of technical trivia and experience under your belt, but sometimes you get frustrated by your lack of expertise, and take it out on me. I understand...... Read more

The Luser

You probably use AOL. Read more

The Regular

You are probably a middle aged man, and you like to sneak into my store on a regular basis for component upgrades, when your wife isn't around. You pay in cash because she pays the credit card bills, ... Read more

The Dick

Mediocrity of your level of knowledge is surpassed only by the intesity of your rebarbative personality. Read more

Pretty Awesome

You know your shit. You are a computer power user. You know why computer jokes are funny. You think spending 8 hours straight hacking code is an awesome idea, especially if you've got buddies working ... Read more

The Guru

Your above average skills and knowledge probably means many people come to you for help and advice. Unfortunately, that means you probably are a little bitter about the whole thing. Please leave your ... Read more

The Shut-in

You're pretty smart. But do you have any friends? I mean frinds IRL. You know what I mean. I know there's bears outside, but there's also hot women. Hot women with an astonishingly high resolution and... Read more

The Pretentious Dick

I was originally going to use another word that starts with an F, instead of "dick." I'm sure you COULD get that at Fry's for $5 less. Please, go get it from them. You deserve eachother. Read more


If I didn't have a mild respect for your technical prowess, I would stab you in the face with a soldering iron. Read more

My Soulmate

If you got this score without cheating or randomly picking answers, you should definitely message me RIGHT NOW with your marriage proposal. We will make sweet, sweet video games together, when we're n... Read more

Wicked Dope-Phat

Sometimes you might do or say something questionable, but I won't really hold it against you too much. You know your shit backward and forward, can translate it to hex, take a checksum in your head, a... Read more

The Brainiac

Your level of expertise is rather impressive to most technical folk, and god-like to civilians. Unfortunately, you sometimes forget that people require greater emotional considerations than your avera... Read more

The Egomaniac

You are a serious computer nerd. I'm sure you will vehenemntly try to defend your "geek" status, but we know what you really are. Your utter lack of social graces, combined with your high level of exp... Read more

Please Die

Seriously. Read more

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