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Traditional flower symbolism: faithfulness, modesty, virtue.
Your opposite is the Cactus Flower.

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Not in the sense that opium seeps from your pores, of course. Traditional flower symbolism: oblivion, consolation, imagination. Your opposite is the Orchid. Read more


My reading of your spiritual petals says you're tenacious and down-to-earth. Traditional flower symbolism, however, says that Cornflower stands for delicacy and refinement. Now you might have ... Read more


Now a sunflower is a thing of beauty to be reckoned with, not like them wimpy violets and pansies. Traditional flower symbolism: adoration, pride, false riches. But you're too smart to listen ... Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: artifice & ingenuity. Your opposite is the Passion Flower. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: modesty. Which is ironic, seeing how it's called "Cosmos." Cause there are much more aggrandizing names out there, like...ummm...no, can't think of any :) Your op... Read more


If you're anything like the picture below, you most certainly delight people in the way that only kittens and sleeping babies can. Traditional flower symbolism: innocence, purity, loyal love. ... Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: faithfulness, modesty, virtue. Your opposite is the Cactus Flower. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: faith, hope, wisdom and valor. Your opposite is the Bird-of-paradise. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: purity, silence, luck. Your opposite is the Desert Rose. Read more


My reading of your spiritual petals says you have an arresting presence, but not to the point of being an attention-slut, and that you're tenacious and able to stand up for yourself. Traditional f... Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: pride, beauty, pastoral poetry. Dunno what that last one is good for, but there you have it. Your opposite is Jasmine. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: purity, refinement, secret love. That last one will come in handy if you want to give some flowers to your secret crush and make it a profoundly symbolic gesture at t... Read more

Calla Lily

Traditional flower symbolism: magnificent beauty, pride. Your opposite is the Water Lily. Read more

Tiger Lily

You're skewing the results by wearing leopard-print underwear, aren't you? Traditional flower symbolism: wealth, pride, and prosperity. Your opposite is the...hmmm, you're right in the middle ... Read more

Water Lily

Traditional flower symbolism: purity of heart, wisdom, eloquence. Your opposite is the Calla Lily. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: cheerfulness, gladness. Your opposite is the Gardenia. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: amiability & sensuality. Your opposite is the Amaryllis. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: nobility, love of nature, neurotic Tom Cruise character. Okay, I admit I made the last one up. Disregard it. Your opposite is the Hibiscus. Read more

Desert Rose

Desert Rose is far into the exotic spectrum, and I couldn't find any traditional flower symbolism associated with it. However, I did find something about its occult applications, if that's any consola... Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: freedom, good perspective, "often given today from a woman to man as a symbol of faithfulness." Plus it looks really cool. Your opposite is the Iris. Read more

Cactus flower

Not that I think you're prickly and dehydrated. Cactus flowers are an intricate rarity. Traditional flower symbolism: warmth and endurance. Your opposite is the Violet. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: admiration, excellence/perfection, longing. Your opposite is the Daisy. Read more


Traditional flower symbolism: eloquence, forgetfulness, estranged love. Now, say you wanted to be all symbolic while breaking up with someone and give them one of these ... You'd have to go pre-e... Read more

Passion Flower

Traditional flower symbolism: belief, faith, religious fervor. Oh, THAT kind of "passion." Right. God, but it looks sexy. Your opposite is the Violet. Read more


A.k.a. West Indian Jasmine. Fuck*n' cool flower. It's super exotic, so I couldn't find any traditional flower symbolism associated with it. It seems to represent the fragility of human life in Bud... Read more


This is terribly exotic, so there is no traditional flower symbolism that I could find associated with a Bauhinia. It's native to India, Vietnam, and China, and its common names include: "purple orchi... Read more


La crème de la crème. Traditional flower symbolism: refinement, thoughtfulness, mature charm. Your opposite is the Poppy. Read more

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