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You would give up your life and everything you have for the one you love. Forever and ever, throught the good times and bad - that is how long you wish to be with your love. You search for your love, you lay awake at night crying, longing for someone to wipe your tears away. Or you have found that person, and you cling to them with your whole being. You are a Romanticist.

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You don't believe in romance and don't bother with it. In fact, you don't even know why you took this test. Read more


Your desire is a desire of the physical kind. You seek ways to stimulate and satisfy your sexual cravings. Perhaps you believe that true love can never exist. Or, you are not pursuing it anymore. ... Read more


You need someone. Someone to hold and to be held by. You dream and you lay awake at night, wishing, hoping, desiring of more. You may or may not have a relationship. Either way, you want romance i... Read more


Maybe you believe in love. Maybe you've had your heart broken so many times that it's difficult. But either way, you will give all you have and do anything to get that love which you so desperately ... Read more


Your world revolves around the passion of love and life. You have no strict codes, except that you must live by passion. That is what love is all about: passion. Nothing else matters. You fly from... Read more


You believe in free love. Whatever goes goes. You act on the passion of the moment, unheeding of the passions of others unless they are involved in your passion. You believe true freedom is freedom... Read more


You are passionately bound to the person of your dreams, and hope never to separate from them. You search for meaning, and are bound by your feelings. You will do anything to hold on to the love you... Read more

Wandering Romantic

You are searching for that perfect person who will satisfy all your needs and desires. Who will need and be needed by you. It is about you, it is about what you feel. Your passion is unquenchable, ... Read more


Feelings? Perhaps they hold a key role in romance. But really, the most important thing in a romance to you is devotion. That is what makes a romance. Maybe you won't feel so kind to each other 10... Read more


You stay with someone for what they can offer you, and you live on your lustful desires. Whether you realize it or not, whatever you may or may not have for the other person is physical - sensuous an... Read more


You need love like you need air. That one person - or the one you have yet to find - is your true love. You will stick with that person as long as you love each other. This is your need and desire ... Read more


You are bound by your feelings and physical desires. You hope the one you love can satisfy your every need. You love based on physical desire, and consider it a huge part of romance. You need and w... Read more

Loyal Partner

You are loyal - to a point. You understand that true romance and true passion is not the kind that feeds off of your own desires (though you do desire conpanionship), but the kind that sacrifices for... Read more


You wander from person to person based on what you feel at the moment. You are passionate, devoted to a point, lustful and consider yourself a romantic item. But you wander from person to person, an... Read more

Desperate Romantic

You desperately desire the pure sweet love and care that will come only from the love of your life. You want someone to be there for you and you want to be there for someone, just you and that person... Read more


You would give up your life and everything you have for the one you love. Forever and ever, throught the good times and bad - that is how long you wish to be with your love. You search for your love... Read more

Loyal Spouse

You married (or will marry) for your physical desires, and you are sensuous. You are devoted without reserve, no matter what mistakes you may have made. You are there for them and they are there for... Read more


You'll marry for your physical desires, but to your credit, you will stay strong with that person; you are a "Honeymooner." Read more

Lost Puppy

You are seeking needing, clinging. Though you try to convince yourself otherwise, you are becoming numb. Your clinging is habitual, and you give yourself for what you think will satisfy you. But yo... Read more

Dependent Romantic

You are in love with that person as long as they are in love with you. Otherwise, you're gone. But you don't like the feeling of being unloved, so you might stay anyway. You are really not sure. A... Read more

Till Death & Beyond

You understand what true romance is - you understand that it is ultimate devotion - no matter the cost. Even if you feel like you're not in love with them anymore you will still stick with them. It'... Read more


You act on passion, but are wiling to take responsibility for your actions. Perhaps pure love is not all that motivates your attraction towards someone, and you may struggle with lust. Otherwise, yo... Read more

Tightly Held

You are tightly held and tightly holding - with passion and love and utmost devotion. You may not always agree, but that person is there for you - or will one day be, when you find that person. Your... Read more


Your romantic side is a whirl of emotions and confusion, an indeciferable labyrinth of what you believe and are unsure of. You wish to discover the answers to all your questions, but are as so far un... Read more

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