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Extra Special

You scored 68 Committed, 88 Courteous, 28 Dominant, and 68 Interesting!

You're charming, well-read, polite, and able to give-and-take in a relationship. In fact, it's surprising to see you on this site. You are dedicated and loyal to your lover. You keep things interesting and while you can be assertive, you're not controlling. Now go give your mom a hug and tell her what a terrific son she raised.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Committed Distribution

    They scored 68% on Committed, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Courteous Distribution

    They scored 88% on Courteous, higher than 97% of your peers.

  • Dominant Distribution

    They scored 28% on Dominant, higher than 21% of your peers.

  • Interesting Distribution

    They scored 68% on Interesting, higher than 85% of your peers.

All possible test results

Booty Caller

Are you sure you're actually present in your relationships? You don't feel a sense of responsibility toward your partner and tend not to want to have to actually put any effort into your relationships... Read more

Independent One

You're not looking for forever, that's for sure. Women find you interesting, and you probably find that a lot of them want to change you. You are not interested in changing, however, so your relations... Read more


You are callous when it comes to women. The ones you hook up with tend to have low self-esteem, and you get a weird enjoyment out of keeping the upper hand and dominating them in every possible way wh... Read more

Controlling Charmer

Like the controller, you attract women who have low self-worth or are submissive by nature. You're fun and interesting to be around, which means they'll stick by you for a while, but eventually they r... Read more

Nice Guy

You're a polite kind of guy, but it's mostly so you can get a piece. You don't want to be responsible to a woman, and if she is ok with that, so are you. If not, then you'll knock someone else's socks... Read more

Don Juan

You're every woman's dream - minus the commitment factor. You are a natural charmer who holds women in thrall with your wit and intelligence. But you always seem to keep one foot out the door, don't y... Read more


You got the part about how the man's supposed to take charge and protect women. What you're missing is a reason to keep doing it for the same lady. You are not into long-term relationships unless the ... Read more

Arrogant Amor

You're charming, witty, polite, and extremely dominant of your partner. If she doesn't want to stick around, that's fine with you. You might say you want her to stay, but only to prove that you can ge... Read more


You've got a reasonable amount of devotion to your partner, but often hear that there's something "missing" from the relationship. You would benefit from expanding your horizons and learning more abou... Read more

Rough Diamond

Not only are you an interesting person to be around, you're not afraid of committing to the right person. You are not always as thoughtful as you could be, but that's part of your charm, isn't it? Read more

Neo Traditional

To love, honor, and protect - your way. You're most successful with passive women who don't question you. You believe they are not your equal, but you'll be committed to the one who accepts this. You ... Read more


You're committed and interesting, but also quite controlling. Women are ver attracted to your personality at first, but over time they may feel you take them for granted and don't appreciate them. Pow... Read more

Peaceful Type

Your lovers find you to be a courteous, thoughtful lover who is committed to them. Your relationships are likely to be long-term. However, you may find that your relationships seem to become routine, ... Read more

Extra Special

You're charming, well-read, polite, and able to give-and-take in a relationship. In fact, it's surprising to see you on this site. You are dedicated and loyal to your lover. You keep things interestin... Read more

Old Fashioned

You open her doors, send flowers, and get down on your knee to propose. You are quite controlling, however. Be careful to pay attention to your partner's needs, and expand on your interests if you wan... Read more

Romantic Hero

You're a Harlequin Hero. You're the guy who is courteous, interesting, and able to commit. You capture a woman's imagination and sweep them off their feet. You're pretty controlling, and could benefit... Read more

A Bit Scary

You're a fall-in-love at the blink of an eye sort of guy. You're possibly even on the obsessive side. Instead of wondering why women seem to run (fast!) in the opposite direction, spend time developin... Read more

Super Loyal

You're extremely devoted to the one you love, and she knows it. You respect her fully, but also respect yourself in the process. You don't get wrapped up in love to such a degree that you lose sight o... Read more

Mirror Lover

You don't really love a woman, you love yourself. You devote tremendous energy to your relationship, but are extremely controlling and tend to be thoughtless about your partner's needs. Your relations... Read more


You're very dedicated to your relationships, and women enjoy being around you. However, you are extremely controlling and even bossy. Relax and trust that your partner's interested in meeting your nee... Read more


Home is where the heart is. You're a very devoted lover, and you're thoughtful about your partner's needs. You avoid drama and live a quiet lifestyle without a lot of ambitions interfering. Just right... Read more

Ultimate Lover

You are an amazing lover. You're interesting, thoughtful, and committed. Your lover knows that you value her and recognize that she has needs and values, too. You've probably been told you're pussy-wh... Read more


You tend to handle your relationships as if there's a rulebook. You want to train your lover to do what you think is "supposed" to be done. You might insist that she stand in the drizzle until you rea... Read more

Hurtful heart

It's because you swept her off her feet with your romantic notions, your amazing insights, and your pure devotion that it hurts her so much when you get so damn mean. You really don't need namecalling... Read more

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