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Their result for The True Colors Test ...


12% Physically Focused and 34% Mentally Focused.

The Realist is happy if someone has a bit of culture or is at least interested in something. Definately not hung up on looks, but beware, The Realist can be turned off by boring people.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Physical Distribution

    They scored 12% on Physical, higher than 42% of your peers.

  • Mental Distribution

    They scored 34% on Mental, higher than 75% of your peers.

All possible test results

Love Child

Come as you are, this person is looking for companionship, period. The Love Child Considers each person, case by case. The heart is what counts. Read more


The Realist is happy if someone has a bit of culture or is at least interested in something. Definately not hung up on looks, but beware, The Realist can be turned off by boring people. Read more


To approach The Idealist, one needs to know where he or she stands on the issues. The Idealist says, "People who get hung up on looks are shallow and stupid." Trouble is, they are often too busy pat... Read more


Stupid people need not apply. The Elitist is an acedemic and/or cultural elitist. If the former, he or she probably belongs to mensa and enjoys the staus it brings. Looks are not an issue, because ... Read more

Hey baby!

Words used to describe the Hey Baby personality are fun and horny. Big brains are not a requirement, just don't look too bad. "Hey Baby" guys don't mind a chunky chick in a bikini, just, no acne. "... Read more

Average Expectations

To date this one, a person needs to be a decent catch. High school drop outs need not apply. Average fitness is desired, but the A.E. type will consider trading some looks for a great personality. ... Read more

Coffee House

Brains and social awareness outweigh looks. The Coffee Houser considers him or herself open-minded but is intolerant of those who are not. Something to chew on that next time you are sipping your La... Read more

Looking for Lillith

The category says it all. The guys are Frazier during his Lillith phase. The girls are Daphne, during her Miles phase. Brains are sexy, but some physical refinement is required. Read more


Not too intelligent, the Clubber is looking for a hottie to shake it with. It is likely that he or she says "whatever" or "dude" frequently in daily conversation. Like, get away, worm! Read more

Sex in the City

This one prefers sex to love because life is too busy for anything permanent, but will not sleep with morons. Conversation and knowlege of the latest is required. Pretentious, but likeable. Gifts d... Read more

High Standards

Looking for a partner with the total package. The female H.S. wants a lawyer who was on the rigby team and still looks like it. The guys, a chemist who is a part-time model will suffice. Read more


The MILF is either a future or present MILF or the male equivalent. He or she has no shortage of confidence or opinions. The MILF is responsible with thier body and mind and expect the same in other... Read more

2 Hot 4 U

Can you say "J-LO"? This type of person is the hottest person he or she knows. Egocentric to the core. I am sure they are saying to themself as they read this, "this ugly guy is just mad because he... Read more

Personal Trainer

The personal Trainer is better off looking for a date at the gym. People who use computers as much as OKCupid users do, are not likley to be buff enough. Still, it is possible. The saving grace of ... Read more


A match is possible, but not with a mere mortal. Looks are key to scoring with this one, but one must also be refined and intelligent. No average Joe's or Joanne's here. Read more


It is unlikely the Perfectioist will find anyone acceptable on this website. My personal opinion is that anyone falling into this category is too picky. Read more

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