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Evolution Impeder

You scored 70 on being a Dumbass!

Its people like you who impede the evolution of society!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Dumbass Distribution

    They scored 70% on Dumbass, higher than 32% of your peers.

All possible test results


Like I said, you took the test, you must be a dumbass! Read more

A Freakin Hoser

Great Job, you surpassed the dumbass stage, you must be great (at sucking at life)! Read more

The Great Retard

No description is necessary (read on for more info)............................................. If you were stupid enough to read this then its self explanatory why you are a retard! Read more

Mofo Head Case

Good job! (At sucking balls). You will NEVER have a life, the whole world is laughing at you right now, just leave, OK! Read more

Societal Reject

Not even the devil would accept you! Geez, I cant believe you! Read more

The Reject on Roids

Societal Reject + an F at preschool + roids = The Reject on Roids Read more

Evolution Impeder

Its people like you who impede the evolution of society! Read more

Leafs Fan

And no I HATE THE LEAFS!!! There is only one word to describe Toronto Maple Leafs fans: and this word is so vulgar, I risk being jailed for life (so I'd rather not say it) Read more

Steve Moore Fan

There is only one type of fan I hate more than Leafs Fans. Congrats, you are it. Everyone else hates this mofo freak; including most of the Colorado players now! I have never encountered anyone of you... Read more

Steve Moore on Crack

And I thought that Steve Moore was bad! Read more

Societal Leech

you have no talents, life, intellegence, or anything whatsoever. The only way you can survive is by leetching it all from the rest of society. Thanks! 8-| Read more

Ancestor to Algae

Your type were the ancestor to the first algae. Keep in mind that this algae was single celled! Read more

Impeder of Life

You my friend impede growth, and are a huge contributor to the many pressures society faces, causing mass extinction of animals, and terrible warming phases! Read more

Wow, I mean WOW

Description 14 You must be the only object in this entire universe to get this score! Congrats for being the biggest, ugliest, enormous, most retarted... Look bud, there is no word to describe you! Read more

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