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Their result for The Other Morality Test ...


You scored -2 Hedonism, 4 Passion, -2 Wrath, and 1 Curiosity!

Your desire for romance and adventure keeps you going... but it can lead you to trouble if you don't keep one foot in reality. Some amount of stability is important. People count on you!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Hedonism Distribution

    They scored -2% on Hedonism, higher than 52% of your peers.

  • Passion Distribution

    They scored 4% on Passion, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • Wrath Distribution

    They scored -2% on Wrath, higher than 11% of your peers.

  • Curiosity Distribution

    They scored 1% on Curiosity, higher than 36% of your peers.

All possible test results


Chances are to get this score you probably skipped a lot of questions or answered with a lot of reluctance. This leads me to believe that your belief system is very rigid and you feel that if you brea... Read more


You can't help yourself from wondering what it's like to do something "different" and experience something new. You must beware of temptation in the form of mystery. Be sure to anchor yourself with t... Read more


You probably anger easily and if you don't learn to relieve your stress, you might feel far too tempted to take it out on someone. Empathy is a good thing. Try to see things from others' points of v... Read more


You are prone to making excuses for your actions based on others "deserving it." An example would be stealing from a store and justifying "They have too much money and charge too much." You may find... Read more


You are highly emotional and probably would never do anything to hurt anyone... normally. But you might get your priorities mixed up when something happens with people you care about. You can get ca... Read more


Your desire for romance and adventure keeps you going... but it can lead you to trouble if you don't keep one foot in reality. Some amount of stability is important. People count on you! Read more


Your primary issue is that you don't trust people much. those you love or those you hate or those you don't know. You let this cloud your vision and stir up anger and fear. Learn to put a little tru... Read more


You despise those who do not care about anyone but themselves. You despise them so much that you don't put much thought into what it is that you like. Perhaps you need to do something for yourself e... Read more


You don't give much thought to other people except when they serve your purposes. You may not seek to harm others, but you could care less about the pain you cause them if they are in the way of your... Read more


You are a person that seeks out obscure pleasures... possibly dangerous fun. You take risks and a weakness you may have is that you not only put yourself in danger but do not take into account the ri... Read more


You have a tendency toward selfishness and also have a tendency toward negative thoughts. When someone snubs you, even accidentally, you take it as an offense... while you might not always hold yours... Read more


You are not very sentimental. Your sin tendency is related to fear of your own emotions. You might hurt another's feelings just to show that you think you are beyond such feelings. Really this tend... Read more


You are a creature of romance and passion. You probably view yourself as caring deeply for those around you, but really you have a tendency to put your own fantasies first. You are likely to hurt pe... Read more


You think highly of others and might sometimes take it to too much of an extreme. Sometimes you will take the wrong side in a conflict and occasionally you might put yourself in danger. While you a... Read more

The Hell You Know

For you, stability is important... so important that you might do something rash or harmful to maintain the status quo. Also you cheat yourself by avoiding new things or taking even slight risks. Loo... Read more


You have strong empathy for the sinner. This is good. But sometimes you must learn to assign blame when it is due. It's good to be open-minded, but it's also good to know what you feel is right and... Read more

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