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Their result for The Zombie Survival Test ...

Dead Reactor

That's what I am in a zombie attack.

Unplanned, indecisive, and to a certain extent uncaring, but fast on your feet. It wasn't enough. you're dead. You had a good run, flared, and died, at the hands of the undead tides. Rest in peace.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Planned Tactics Distribution

    They scored 44% on Planned Tactics, higher than 4% of your peers.

  • Snap Judgement Distribution

    They scored 55% on Snap Judgement, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • Shrewd Choices Distribution

    They scored 40% on Shrewd Choices, higher than 16% of your peers.

  • Compassion Distribution

    They scored 49% on Compassion, higher than 95% of your peers.

All possible test results

Zombie Food

Quite simply, you never stood a chance to begin with. You couldn't plan, think on your feet, or make the decisions you had to make. From the beginning, you were a meal on a silver platter. Rest in pea... Read more

Dead Compassionate

You tried to save everyone you could... and it ended up killing you. Whether by trying to save the wrong people or saving people in the wrong situation, you died -- and they died alongside you. Rest i... Read more

Dead Chooser

You made cold choices, cut loose those who weren't assets... and cut the wrong people loose. Your choices led to you being alone, and the dead overwhelmed you -- there was no one to watch your back. R... Read more

Dead Follower

You made tough decisions and saved who you could, but -- unfortunately -- you were a poor leader. Your poor planning and inability to think on your feet led to the deaths of many, and you ended up dyi... Read more

Dead Reactor

Unplanned, indecisive, and to a certain extent uncaring, but fast on your feet. It wasn't enough. you're dead. You had a good run, flared, and died, at the hands of the undead tides. Rest in peace. Read more

Hero Survivor

Unprepared, you nevertheless saved as many as you could and got out. It wasn't pretty, and people died around you, but you managed to save those who you could, and get out while you could. Well done. ... Read more

Dead Cutthroat

Although caught unprepared, you were quick and ruthless, and managed to get far, although it cost many people their lives. You were cutthroat, cold, and siezed every opportunity. And you burned too ma... Read more

Quick Survivor

Congratulations! Although you were caught flat-footed, you thought on your feet, made the tough choices, and saved who you could -- and you've lived through a global tragedy. Well played. Read more

Dead Planner

You had great plans on how to survive, but -- unfortunately -- they were executed poorly. As a result, you were thrown into chaos, and the living dead finished you off. Rest in peace. Read more

Dead Savior

By executing your plan and saving everyone you could, you've ensured the survival of enough people to start a new civilization. You were a savior to many who would have died, but you probably took too... Read more

Calculating Survivor

Your plans paid off, and you didn't think twice about cutting people loose who weren't assets. You had a plan, and you stuck with that plan, and as a result, you've survived. Good for you, but you won... Read more

Slow Survivor

You survived, but only by planning and execution. You didn't think well on your feet, but by making hard choices and balancing that with trusting at the right times, your plans went well, and you surv... Read more

Dead Loner

You lived for a while, but only by your own wits and cunning. Other people were expendable, but you didn't cut anyone loose who didn't serve some sort of purpose. You only looked out for number one, a... Read more

Caring Survivor

You survived. Whether by being saved at the right moment by someone who you saved, or by trusting someone else to do what was right, you lived to fight another day. Your new world will be one of consc... Read more

Bandit Survivor

You survived, by quick wits, good planning, and making the hard choices. You probably abandoned too many people or were too harsh, but who cares? You survived. And in a zombie world, that's all that m... Read more

Ideal Survivor

You survived -- and what's more, you're a hero. You saved who you could, made the right choices, thought quickly on your feet, and planned ahead. Well done. You've survived devistation on a biblical s... Read more

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