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Their result for The 4 Variable Politics/Sex Test ...

The Charismatic One

You scored 54% Republican, 52% Likeablility, 50% Sexual Feelings, and 40% Open Mindedness!

You speak very well in person and can be very decieving. This quality may help you, but if you overuse your "powers" you may hurt more than you help.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Republican Distribution

    They scored 54% on Republican, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • Likeablility Distribution

    They scored 52% on Likeablility, higher than 65% of your peers.

  • Sexual Feelings Distribution

    They scored 50% on Sexual Feelings, higher than 99% of your peers.

  • Open Mindedness Distribution

    They scored 40% on Open Mindedness, higher than 57% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Devil

You are very liberal, and no one likes you, you don't get ANY sex, and people think you are a closed minded jackass. Read more

The Loner

You tend not to fit in with your fellow peers and are often outcasted. You tend to be a pushover, but accepts change well. NO SEX LIFE, sorry but its true! AND NO ONE LIKES YOU...Sorry to tell the tr... Read more

The Stoner

You are often found in a corner at a party, smoking by yourself (smoking is bad by the way) You aren't really liked by the people around you and you tend to be a perv when you are under the influence.... Read more

The Hippie

You are open to new changes and like the stoner, get high alot at concerts. (Drugs are bad stupid) You probably will die of an STD because of unprotected sex! Oh and not many people like you hippies! Read more

The Lonely One

You are very likeable but you are too stubborn which is a major turn-off for any companions. You tend to bend the rules a little bit, because you realize people make mistakes and its their own fault,... Read more

The Quiet One

You keep to yourself for the most part, but people tend to like that about you. You always end up getting stuck in a project with someone, and you do ALL the work. But don't worry, actually yes worry... Read more

The Artist

Everything is always your way or the highway, but you have a nice persona to you, so no one gets frazzled when you insist it must be done right! One thing people know about you is not only do you love... Read more

The Dreamer

You always hope for a better future, and not only is that a plus, but its also a minus to you. You notice there is trouble around you, yet you refrain from fixing the problem. Come on now, live for to... Read more

The Nazi

You rule with an iron fist and no one likes you, yet you don't realize it because everyone is too afraid to tell you the truth. LIGHTEN UP YOU NAZI! Read more

The Mr. Bad Luck

You have good ideas, but things happen at the BAD Time for you. You are like President Bush. Try to appeal more to everyone, then just going what your gut tells you...right or wrong! Read more

The Pervert

You like sex, and nothing else really...you are a perv...eww! Read more

The Jerk

To those who are close to you, you are open minded, flirtatious, and athletic, but to everyone else in the world, you are hateful, mean, and rude. Try and be a bit nicer to the rest of the community,... Read more

The Charismatic One

You speak very well in person and can be very decieving. This quality may help you, but if you overuse your "powers" you may hurt more than you help. Read more

The Capitalist

You make decisions in tough spots without a sweat and you are very good at running a company. You lack the skillz with tha ladies though, try and work on that with all the money you have. Read more

The Republican

You are well liked, very conservative, have an active sex life but one thing you lack is willingness to comprimise, you need to work more with the opposing party that way both sides win, but you are s... Read more

The Perfect Person

You are perfect, enough said. Read more

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