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The prodigy

Damn! You scored 70 partyness and 59 electronicness !

You're on your way, and you've got everything it takes, the energy and free spirit, and not a bad music taste at all. keep it up!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • partyness Distribution

    They scored 70% on partyness, higher than 29% of your peers.

  • electronicness Distribution

    They scored 59% on electronicness, higher than 18% of your peers.

All possible test results

Nanny Redneck

You still aint out of the farm, and not only that, you aint out of the wheel chair. hopeless. Read more

Bill gates

You got a tad of music knowledge but your to damn square to do anything with it. get a life? Read more

The hearsay

You know more than most about electronica but why? you obviously don't care, probably only do it so you won't be labeled a nerd. go read something else beside DJ magazine, a better use of your time or... Read more

Music librarian

You sure know your music, but in a dull and listless way. why do you even bother listening? get up, go dancing NOW! Read more

Couch DJ

Wow, such an impressive electronica knowledge and your stuck at home with it? you don't seem to enjoy your music, so why do you bother listening? Read more

The farm animal

You party occasionally, albeit you don't know (and obviously don't want to know) the first thing about electronic music. welcome to the 21st century! we're here and we're to stay so get with the progr... Read more

Midlife crisis

You try to party but don't have time and energy, you try to keep up to date with music but you're still way back. you need to stop chasing money and start chasing transcendence... Read more

The 13 year old

You read your music magazines, watch party zone on MTV, listen to thievery corporation when you make out with your boyfriend and dream about the day you old enough to PAR-TAY! Read more

Cuddle music bitch

When ever we want someone to talk to about the latest track or sounds you're there, and we can use your place before we go out, but your our cuddle bitch because you'll never ask back for a ride to th... Read more


Wow, congrats on the musical knowledge. it is more than up to par. so why won't you take your thumb out of you know where and actually enjoy the music more than when talking about? right now you're th... Read more

The 49'

You do get out and party and have fun. but your musical taste... is pathological. yo, electronica is here to stay! whatever, keep going to those line dancing bars. Read more

The college student

That's right, you party. and quite often. but your music choices leave a lot to be desired. Maybe you should prepare some papers on electronic music, you're barely getting a D+ there. Read more

The yuppy

You're hip. you're up-to-date. you party, and you're versed in music. still your apartness's and electronica knowledge levels suggest its just to be trendy and "down with it" and nothing more. Read more

The home clubber

You've got the right albums at home, indeed your electronica knowledge is above average, and you can enjoy that quality music, thats fantastic. A hint -it can be done anywhere, don't be shy. Read more

Aspiring producer

Now you're talking! you got the right tunes, you can be my DJ anytime! with a little more freedom in your soul your on way to the full experience electronic music can offer Read more

The airhead

You sure can party! I would go out with you anywhere, but my earphones would be on 24/7 because your music taste SUCKS! hope its ok! Read more

The cheerleader

You love to dance and party, thats for sure, and you may even dance to the right tunes sometime. now you just need your quarterback to guide you. Read more

The prodigy

You're on your way, and you've got everything it takes, the energy and free spirit, and not a bad music taste at all. keep it up! Read more

The right clubber

You know how to party and you know your music. what more there is to say? Read more

Electro spirit

Kudos. not only is your electronic musical knowledge superb, you got the mood the body and the soul to enjoy it. Read more

The clown

Ignorance is a bliss. I mean it. there you are having fun with your life like we all should, oblivious to the greatest music genre of all. Read more

The raver

boy can you party. the problem (or lack there of) is that you probably listen to music in your head because you dance to the good, the bad and the ugly... Read more


party on! great partying ability and above average electronic knowledge. Read more

Electronic happiness

You seem to enjoy your life and your music and you're not to shabby on electronic music as well. well done! Read more


you are a happy man or woman my friend. I salute you. Read more

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