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Hello? Did your keyboard malfunction? Are you alive? Read more


Married to God? Have a fool-proof chastity belt? Rock on, Nun. Read more

Blow-up Doll

You're the town bicycle and everyone's had a ride! Read more


You're sexy for the people who like your kinda thing and I'm sure you're really nice to those around you. You might want to try and connect with your feminine side. I promise I won't laugh at you. Read more

Church Lady

AHHhhh! RUN! Read more


You're scared to approach others for intimacy and you aren't comfortable being feminine because it might attract that attention you're scared of. But you're kind to others and really sensitive. Why so... Read more


You're a guy taking this, aren't you? If you are, go take my MAN test you dumbass. If not, then worry. Read more


You liked to play in mud as a child and beat all the boys at sports. Just realize it's okay to wear a skirt every now and then. Read more



Category 10

Description 10 Read more

Party Girl

You drink in social settings, don't you? You also like to have sex. That's it. Oh, and you need to stop being a bitch. Read more


haha, you crack me up with your antics! Ever seen "I Love Lucy"? Read more


You do things to make others think you're okay but really you resent people and carry a big hard lump in the middle of your soul. It's okay to be nice to people more often and to have relationships. I... Read more

Best Friend

You rock in every way! I bet you're a favorite person amongst your friends and you're down-to-earth enough to impress any mate. So why are you so shy about intimacy? Give it a shot, I bet you'll be su... Read more

Goth Grrl

You hate other people because they are so happy and you are so wretched and pale. You have sex to fill the emptiness in your life. You're careful around others and know how to manipulate them. I wish ... Read more

Dream Girl

You have a realistic sense of your femininity so that you can still hold rational conversations about things other than hair. Plus, you're sexy and kind to everyone you meet. When you walk into a room... Read more


Are you blonde? I bet you're wondering how I knew that, vapid idiot. Read more

Girl Next Door

You're girly and really nice to everyone you meet. Don't be so shy! It's ok to let loose a little. You're probably really sexy if you try. Oh, and don't worry about tripping over everything. Read more

Material Girl

You like sex and shoes. That is all. Slut. Read more

Japanese Schoolgirl

Teehee. _ You crack us all up, you crazy girl. Read more


You may seem like you care about others, but only to get your way. And you're conceited. Grow up. Read more

Shy Girl

You've got high standards and you know how to be a good friend, but you might want to open up a little and let people get closer to you. You might even like it. Read more

Bitch on Wheels

You're a raging hormonal bitch who doesn't care about other people's feelings. On the bright side, men don't usually notice that so you can still get laid. Just not married. Read more

Girly Girl

You've got it going on. You're a nice, compassionate, sexy girl who just happens to like shoes. A lot. I salute you! Read more

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