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You're powers are 72% Mental, 78% Emotional, and 56% Physical!

Better than sneaky, you can turn completely invisible. Great for infiltration and espionage missions, it doesn't lose effectiveness on the battlefield. The enemy can't hit what they can't see, and your ability to distract the enemy with covert strikes makes you a valuable resource to any team. Also a fun super power for practical jokes.

If you want someone more submissive, try any of these for sidekicks: Laser Eyes, you can teach them the subtle use of their power. Teleportation, you can teach them the importance of unseen travels. Time Control, you could make their ability to slip past people in time more effective.

If you want someone your equal, try any of these for partners: Elemental Control, their overt nature makes your covert nature more effective. Gravity Control, their ability to control enemies makes your job that much more easier.

If you want someone more dominant, try an Explosive, their attention-grabbing nature might teach you when it's best to actually be seen.

Avoid Super Fighter, their direct nature and lack of subtleness will only irk you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Mental Distribution

    They scored 72% on Mental, higher than 72% of your peers.

  • Emotional Distribution

    They scored 78% on Emotional, higher than 86% of your peers.

  • Physical Distribution

    They scored 56% on Physical, higher than 75% of your peers.

All possible test results

Super Luck

Your latent super power is luck! What? Luck's a super power. I can't tell you how your power works, but basically you and the people around you should experience a radical shift in luck. Sure, it'... Read more

Super Fighting

You don't have one strong super power, but instead a plethora of smaller super powers that make you an ultimate fighting force. Fast reflexes, extreme endurance, super strength, faster healing, keen ... Read more

Super Strength

You have a staple of the super world; super strength. You can lift tanks over your head, throw boulders miles away, and decimate reinforced concrete with a few good punches. You're also very resilie... Read more


The enemy can't hit what they can't see, right? Or hear, taste, touch, or smell, either. Your super power is the ability to dazzle. You overload people's senses, causing them to be less effective i... Read more


While some with super powers shrug off damage or heal it at a fast rate, you use the enemy's power against them. You absorb the energy of incoming blows, negating their effect on you and then turn th... Read more


You are indestructible! Damage coming your way you simply shrug off without a scratch. It's a good power, though your life is mostly spent protecting others, since your offensive abilities are easil... Read more

Healing Aura

You're latent super power is healing. You can cause miraculous healing in yourself and others, curing them of serious ailments and wounds. For this reason, you are much valued on any team, despite y... Read more

Force Shield

Lucky you, you can create and project shields of impenetrable force. You can protect yourself, your friends, innocents... anything. Or you can trap your enemies in a bubble of force. There's almost... Read more

Energy Aura

With just a thought, you can surround your body in an aura of energy. The specific energy depends on you; could be fire, plasma, cold, electricity... the list goes on. You become a living creature o... Read more


At will, you can become intangible. You can walk through walls, people, anything! You can probably make others intangible with you. While the possibilities of this may seem limited at first, this i... Read more

Super Senses

Your senses are super keen. You can read a newspaper from miles away, listen in on conversations from 20 stories up, and track people by their scent. This is a utility power, though it does have its... Read more


You don't shrug off damage; you heal it! Wounds, even those likely fatal to others, are minor annoyances to you as your body sews itself back up in seconds. You are nearly immortal for this reason, ... Read more


You are the one to cloud other's minds with phantasms. Illusions is your super power, and with it you can create sensual experiences that are completely believable to most others. The utility of thi... Read more


Probably the most versatile of powers, you have Elasticity! You can stretch parts of your body in all manners of ways. It's a very underestimated power. With this you can fight with amazing power, ... Read more

Size Control

You can control the size of yourself and have limited control on other things? You can shrink down to the size of an ant and infiltrate almost anywhere, or grow as large as a building and wrestle wit... Read more


This is the power that nearly defines the super world; the power of flight. Plenty of other super powers can imitate flight, but nothing like you can. Mach 1? pfft! Your super sonic flight lets yo... Read more

Laser Eyes

While this power may seem a lot like blast, it has two significant differences. First, it's a very precise power. You can ever so gently singe your name in cotton or recklessly blow away solid steel... Read more

Elemental Control

The natural world is your's to control. You command a specific element, be it fire, ice, water, or earth, or possibly weather. You don't generate the element, but you can do the unimaginable with ex... Read more


Your super power of telekinetics allows you to manipulate the physical world with just your mind. You can lift amazingly heavy objects and toss them around, or do delicate operations. This is an ama... Read more

Super Speed

You're latent super power is super speed! You're quick, lightning quick. You run quick, think quick, and act quick. You're also probably really good with the one liners, pulling out the perfect ret... Read more


You can emit energy from your self, blasting your enemies with brilliant energy. Be it fire, cold, electricity, plasma, or anything else, you're a master at dishing out the damage from afar. Careful... Read more


I hope you aren't in this super power thing for the attention, cause you've got the least flashy power. But for no flash you got a world of possibilities. You can read minds, control other's minds, ... Read more

Time Control

You've got the terribly dangerous power of time control. Why so dangerous? Time is a delicate thing. For the most part, you can duplicate many other powers, such as super speed, super reflexes, etc... Read more

Gravity Control

This is a fun power and great for controlling groups of enemies. Crush them with tremendous gravitational pulls or suspend them in the air. You yourself can make gigantic leaps with this power by re... Read more


Teleportation is the greatest power for getting from point A to point B, bar none. You can teleport behind closed doors, into sealed rooms, or across the world, all in the blink of an eye. You can t... Read more


Better than sneaky, you can turn completely invisible. Great for infiltration and espionage missions, it doesn't lose effectiveness on the battlefield. The enemy can't hit what they can't see, and y... Read more


You've got a lot of power that you're ready to release at any moment in a big explosion. The good news? You kick butt with this power. The bad news? You kick everyone's butt within range. Enemies... Read more

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