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Fellatio Fanatic!

You scored 81 expertise, 88 experience, and 87 enthusiasm!

You're the tops, girl! God's gift to men everywhere. You're a fucking expert cock sucker, and you love doing too. What's more you're not shy about spreading the gift around. You've blessed an awful lot of men with your maddening skills, made them cry like babies, made them fall down and worship you even. There's very little room for improvement here. You're already a champion, and you know it. So do a lot of well sucked men who lay strewn in your path like they've died and gone to heaven. Congratulations!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • expertise Distribution

    They scored 81% on expertise, higher than 89% of your peers.

  • experience Distribution

    They scored 88% on experience, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • enthusiasm Distribution

    They scored 87% on enthusiasm, higher than 94% of your peers.

All possible test results

Cock-fearing nun

You have neither expertise, experience, nor enthusiasm for giving head. I'm not even sure why you took this test. You probably think going down on a guy is utterly repulsive, and I doubt there's much ... Read more

Curious Kitty

You have hardly any expertise or experience, but you're at least mildly curious about the whole cock-sucking thing. I say, read some books, watch some videos, talk to some friends who have done it, an... Read more

Fellatio Fantasizer

You've got very little experience or expertise, but you've got tons of enthusiasm. The odds are you spend a lot of time thinking about sucking cock, fantasizing about it, but for whatever reason you h... Read more

Dick Dabbler

You've had quite a few experiences giving head, but you didn't like it very much, and you weren't very good at it either. You probably did it out of pressure from the guy, or your peers perhaps, but y... Read more

Slow Learner

You're a girl who sorta likes giving head, and has done it quite a bit, but you haven't become very good at it yet. You have to realize that technique is very important too. You can't just put a guy's... Read more

Eager Ignoramus

Bless your heart for being so eager, and practicing as much as you have, but for heaven's sake, you've sure got a thing or two to learn about how to give "Good" head. You love to do it, yes. Now it's ... Read more

Lonely Licker

You are a sad girl. You've given an awful lot of head in your day, but you never really wanted to, perhaps simply doing it out of intense pressure and a need for self-assurance and love. And since you... Read more

Imperfect Practicer

You're a girl who has given a lot of head to a lot of guys, and is mildy enthusiastic about it, but you're still lacking in expertise. What's wrong? Why haven't you learned anything from all your expe... Read more

Overeager Student

Wow! Look at you. You've sucked a lot of cock, and you seem to love doing it, but your skills, girlfriend! You need a lot of work. Put some thought into all this experience and eagerness. Learn some m... Read more

Book Worm

You're a girl who actually knows a thing or two about giving head, but surprisingly you haven't done it much, and aren't very eager to start. Perhaps you got your knowlege through books, through gossi... Read more

Shy Girl

You know a thing or two about giving good head, perhaps from books and gossip, and you're eager enough to try it out, but for whatever reason you haven't done it much. Maybe you just haven't found the... Read more

Eager Innocent

Man you love the idea of giving head. You've even studied up on it a lot, books, friends, movies, but you haven't done it all that much. You're still relatively innocent, though you know a thing or tw... Read more

Grudging Giver

You're mildly talented at giving head, and you've done it more than the average girl, but you're not too enthusiastic about it for some reason. Why not? What's holding you back from enjoying it? You k... Read more

Developing Dipper

You know a thing or two about giving head, you've done it quite a bit too, and you enjoyed doing it. You're well on your way to becoming a felatio fanatic, and making your man (men) the happiest guy(s... Read more

Developing Diver

You know a thing or two about sucking cock, yes you do! You've done it a lot, and have many notches on your proverbial belt. Best of all you absolutely love it, and it shows! You're man if it wasn't a... Read more

Depressed Dicksucker

You're a girl who has sucked a lot of cock, moreseo than maybe 66% of other women out there, and you're pretty darn good at it too. Tragically, your heart's not in it though. You do it simply to pleas... Read more

Practiced Princess

Man, you've sucked a lot of hot dick! I commend you on your prolific history. You're pretty darn good at it too, not an expert, but better than a lot of other women out there. You've got skills. You l... Read more

Carefree Conqueror

Man, you really love to suck dick! You're probably wishing you had a cock in your mouth right now, aren't you? You're eager and well experienced, a great combination. You're skills are pretty good too... Read more

Finicky Felatrix

You're a strange one, girl, a virtual expert at sucking cock. I say virtual because you've hardly actually used the skills you have. You don't seem too excited about it either. Why not? You're a champ... Read more

Hidden Hummer

You're a beauty to behold when you're sucking dick, an absolute expert, who's loving what she's doing, and yet it's so rare that you're ever actually doing it. Why? Why are you hiding these talents of... Read more

Unused Expert

Oh my god! This is the most tragic category to be in. A girl with your expertise and love for cock not spreading the gift around to every guy she meets! It's a tragedy! You are truly a beauty to behol... Read more

Ho-hum Hummer

You're a freakin' expert, girl? How come you don't enjoy yourself more? How'd you get to be that good, if you don't even like doing it all that much? You've sucked a lot of dick in your day, and you'r... Read more

Happy Hummer

You, girl, are an expert! Or so darn close the average guy wouldn't even notice the difference. You've practiced on an average number of guys, and you have a good time at it too. Not a great, super-aw... Read more

Choosey Champion

You're one notch below every man's dream woman. You've got your technique down, you're good enough to make a grown man cry, and you freakin' love doing it too. You've only done an average amount of gu... Read more

Unenthused Expert

What's wrong, girl? You'd think you'd be flippin' psyched about sucking. Here you are, a near master at sucking' dick, with enough notches in your belt to rival a porn star, and you seem like you coul... Read more

Underwhelmed Expert

Here you are, a freakin' black belt at sucking' dick, with enough notches in your belt to rival a porn star, and you're only feeling so-so about it. What's wrong, girl? You'd think you'd be flippin' ... Read more

Fellatio Fanatic!

You're the tops, girl! God's gift to men everywhere. You're a fucking expert cock sucker, and you love doing too. What's more you're not shy about spreading the gift around. You've blessed an awful lo... Read more

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