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IF****You received 0-25%**** You are an amazing person! Your eyes positively twinkle with originality and affection. it's hard to find anything wrong with you,but as your Magic Mirror i have to say everything i see-not just the good. Your type of personality is friendly,smart,witty and charming. it's hard to believe that you're plagued by thoughts of inadequacy and self-doubt which can lead to being overly critical of your thoughts and actions. The worst repercussion this can have is frequent arguments with those you love. You feel the need to be defensive at all times and this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to communication. Also, your need to escape reality can be detrimental because the real world always catches up with you and puts you in a bind. You are the ultimate time waster and you procrastinate like there is no tomarrow...but there IS!!! And that's your problem. IF****You Scored 26-44%**** You dear little person. You are under alot of stress,aren't you? People tend to take advantage of your caring nature. You are usually tired and,let's face it, over-worked. While not totally self-less you are quite self-sacrificing and tend to use most of your energy to do the things that have to be done and the things you'd really like to do are put last on the list. Feelings of worthlessness paralyze you at times and make it difficult for you to routine tasks. Worrying is your biggest hobbie and that needs to change immediately because it's putting your health in jeopardy.You are in serious need of a little vacation and alot of relaxation or else your grumpy nature will take a turn for the worst. IF****you received 45-59%**** Simply put you need to figure out who you are. Something in your past causes you to be critical of things you shouldn't question and naive towards things you should steer clear of. Your strength is your kindness,but it can also be your weakness. You need to learn how to say no and stand up for yourself. The need for you to be decisive is urgent. Although you can be a loyal friend you tend to be secretive about important issues that need to be faced,dealt with and talked about to a trusted friend. People will still love you if you show that you're human and if they don't...well,that's one thing that ISN'T your problem. IF****you scored 60-79%**** You are characterized by the words "typical" and "follower". While you are always ready to have a good time this can put you in bad situations since your tendency to go with the flow depends completely on the crowd you're assimilating with at the moment. if you feel these are not true statements try to think of 5 things that make you a unique individual. it's harder than you thought,isn't it? You tend to be attracted to manufactured cool i.e. Hot Topic. Your problem is you can't think for yourself and if on the off chance you do-everybody look out!!! it blows up in your face. Because of that you feel more comfortable with people you look up to telling you what to do. Since you enjoy large groups of people and loud music to drown out your thoughts, try spending some time alone to figure out what you're like when your'e not surrounded by others. Make it your goal to figure out what you're good at and why people should want to be like YOU for a change. IF****You received 80-100%**** Your favourite words are "I","ME" and "MY!" Along with a serious lack of respect for authority-which makes you look like a stupid punk-you harbor loads of anger at virtually everyone you're realated to and many of your friends and acquaintances. Appearance is what matters most to you and everyone in your company knows it. You aren't satisfied unless you're the star attraction. Since you compare yourself to others constantly jealousy flares up easily in you. in relationships you have a wandering eye and cannot be trusted. Much like a wolf in sheep's clothing you wish others to see you as a sensitive artist when in actuality you are mind-blowingly selfish and mean. Your first reaction in an argument is to blame anyone but yourself. The only people that truly like you are seeing what they want to see and not who you truly are. Your ideal partner is someone rather uninteresting-so as not to challenge you-and empty.

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    They scored 19% on selfishness, higher than 3% of your peers.

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IF****You received 0-25%**** You are an amazing person! Your eyes positively twinkle with originality and affection. it's hard to find anything wrong with you,but as your Magic Mirror i have to say ev... Read more

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