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Their result for The Which Computer are You Test ...

Mac Mini

You scored 90 skilled, 100 artistic, 50 gamer, and 85 conformity!

Your computer says a lot about you. Your Mac Mini says that you want a computer that runs as good as it looks. Sure you could buy a more expensive machine, but you probably don't use your computer all that much, so it would be a waste of money.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • skilled Distribution

    They scored 90% on skilled, higher than 9% of your peers.

  • artistic Distribution

    They scored 100% on artistic, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • gamer Distribution

    They scored 50% on gamer, higher than 21% of your peers.

  • conformity Distribution

    They scored 85% on conformity, higher than 85% of your peers.

All possible test results


If your "skilled rating is less than 80, read this: Dude, you're getting a Dell. You don't really know much about computers. You probably even don't know why you're here at this website. You run... Read more

Beige Box

You don't care about what's inside it. You probably own an HP or a Compaq, maybe even an Acer. You run Windows, not because you know any better, but just because everyone else does it. Read more

Customized HP

You like to game, so when you had the option, you went for the latest and greatest processor, graphics card, and memory. You run Windows... what else would you run all the games on? Read more

High End HP

You like to play games, but you want your computer to be well supported. You like old favorites like Solitare. You don't really know how to work on your computer, but you made sure to get the best mod... Read more


You would go Mac, but everyone is still using Windows so why switch? You like your Sony because it's so cool. It's like using space age technology. They support memory sticks, because, let's face it, ... Read more

Dell Optiplex

You like your computer sleek and compact. You probably have a 21" monitor. You may not know how to use your computer all the time, but you know what case designs you like. You're probably a closet Mac... Read more

Case Mod Gamer

You like to design your own systems. This shows that you are not only a hardcore gamer, but you also like to deck out your case. You aren't overly concerned about your computer's appearance, but beige... Read more

Dell XPS

You want a brand that can help you out if your computer breaks, so you chose Dell. But you wanted a good looking machine that will play games with the best of 'em. So you chose the Dell XPS, the highe... Read more

Mac Mini

Your computer says a lot about you. Your Mac Mini says that you want a computer that runs as good as it looks. Sure you could buy a more expensive machine, but you probably don't use your computer all... Read more


You like to be different, just like every other Mac user. You went for the iMac, because it's common. You probably own an iPod too. Macs are better for graphics, anyways. Read more


Nothing says "kick hax" like a tricked out Alienware machine. Sure you spent $4,000 on it, but it's a small price to pay for both how good it looks, and how fast it is. Read more

Falcon Talon

You want a fancy gaming computer, but you're sure as "the bad place" not going to shell out $4,000 for something that will be out of date in three months. Read more

Unix Bigot

If you don't run Unix now, you should think about it. Might I reccommend a flavor of BSD? You don't use your computer for playing games that much, so why not switch? Sure, it takes learning, but you p... Read more

Fedora Linux

You don't like Windows, but you like to have an OS that supports your hardware, and you want an OS that's well supported itself. Look no further than Fedora Core. Fedora Core is a free offshoot of Red... Read more

Custom Gaming Rig

You like to play games, so you built your own computer. You put more of the good stuff inside, maybe modded the case a little. You run Windows, of course! Mac and Linux just don't have the games for y... Read more

Windows Vista

You don't have a beta version of Windows Vista already on your machine, do you? You want the latest and greatest, and you play a ton of games, so you want the latest and greatest Windows OS. Read more

Power Mac G5

You like your computer powerful, but you like it to look good. Look no further than the Power Mac G5. It has the power you need, and the modern art deco look you've been craving. Sure it doesn't run W... Read more

Sony VAIO Laptop

You like your computer to look good, and run smoothly, but you don't play games. You want a computer that's well supported, but you're more than capable of servicing it by yourself. Here's a thought, ... Read more

1337 Case Mod

You got the skills! You built your computer from scratch, and thought long and hard about all the components, balancing them for optimum performance. You didn't spend a fortune on your computer, but y... Read more

Case Mod Junkie

You like to read magazines looking for the coolest new way to trick out your case. You like cool gadgets that tell you how hot your CPU is getting, or a biohazard fan guard. You play lots of games, an... Read more

Ubuntu Linux

You like Macs, but Ubuntu Linux calls your name. It's easy enough that your mom could use it, but it provides you with all the latest open source software. You need to be skilled to administrate it, b... Read more


If you were an OS, you would be OS X. It's what all the Mac users are using these days. It's the latest and greatest, and it runs on Unix (BSD), so it has the stability and power you need. You can man... Read more

Concept Gamer

You know those gaming rigs that get featured in magazines because they were so cool? You build those. You have the skills and the artistic talent to design the most outlandish gaming rigs ever. They n... Read more

Falcon Mach V

You like a computer that runs well, so you need a well supported brand. You also need something that looks good and plays good. You have the Falcon Mach V. It's the most gaming power money can buy. Read more

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