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Their result for The Soul of the Samurai Test ...


You scored 50% Honor, 55% Courage, 60% Discipline, and 60% Loyalty!

You are very nearly a great retainer, but your willingness to dirty your hands means that you might cause some embarassment for your lord. You will probably best serve in the shadows, where your discipline and courage will make you a valuable asset. You are unlikely to flinch at any task if it is for your master's benefit.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Honor Distribution

    They scored 50% on Honor, higher than 48% of your peers.

  • Courage Distribution

    They scored 55% on Courage, higher than 46% of your peers.

  • Discipline Distribution

    They scored 60% on Discipline, higher than 52% of your peers.

  • Loyalty Distribution

    They scored 60% on Loyalty, higher than 57% of your peers.

All possible test results


Whatever you may be, you are not a Samurai! You lack the will and spirit, and would disgrace any master you served under. Perhaps you should consider a career as a peasant or a merchant? Read more

Some worth

While you are not a very good Samurai, your devotion to your master is noteworthy. Even if you do not always succeed you will try your best to serve him well. A man can do well at this level. Read more

Ronin Bandit

You lack honor and courage, and your loyalty to your masters leaves something to be desired. You do have self discipline, however, and that can make you a skilled and dangerous individual. Still, yo... Read more

Useful Retainer

Perhaps you are not the most warlike or decent or your lord's vassals, but you are dependable and you serve your lord with zeal. You are on the way to becoming a great Samurai, and you will be well r... Read more


A terrible Samurai, you are apt to do despicable, thoughtless things that are sure to bring shame to your Lord. You will not serve him well, unless perhaps you are placed in the front line of a battl... Read more

Doomed Warrior

Untrustworthy and undependable you make up for these flaws to some extent by your courage and the loyalty you feel toward you master. You make a fine warrior and will probably do well in war time sit... Read more

Bandit Leader

No loyalty and no honor spells someone who will be cast out time after time. Still, you are a brave man and will probably be a fearsome warrior. As a ronin or a bandit leader you have some potential... Read more


You are very nearly a great retainer, but your willingness to dirty your hands means that you might cause some embarassment for your lord. You will probably best serve in the shadows, where your disc... Read more


Not a Samurai by any stretch, you lack in feelings of duty toward your lord and the courage to carry out his orders. You are unlikely to be much of a warrior because of your lack of discipline. You ... Read more

Faithful Servant

You are trustworthy and loyal, but your courage and self-mastery leave something to be desired. Most people would be glad to have your service, so long as they did not have to depend on you being the... Read more


You are lacking in courage and loyalty, but in your case that may even be a plus. Since you are not loyal to any one person, you are in a better position to act without bias. You are upright and dep... Read more

Perfect Servant

In anything except for matters of life and death you are exactly what any master could ask for in a servant. You show remarkable restraint and discipline, your can be depended upon, and you could giv... Read more


Sure to be at the forefront of any battle earning a name for yourself, you are unfortunately somewhat ungoverned and unlikely to remain faithful to one master. While no one doubts your courage or you... Read more

Fine Retainer

Perhaps you're not the most rigid of people, but you are a brave man who acts with a dignified manner. Your devotion to your friends and your master are unquestionable, and you are sure to make a goo... Read more

True Ronin

Except for your lack of committment, you are everything a person could ask for in a Samurai. You are trustworthy, unlikely to disgrace yourself, brave enough to fight well, and disciplined enough to ... Read more


Whatever it is that makes a Samurai, you have the whole package. There is little doubt that you will serve with distinction, and that your name will be remembered by warriors and Samurai everywhere. Read more

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