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You scored 50 sexy, 25 status, and 13 performance

Respectable. You like to look good, but not obsessed.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • sexy Distribution

    They scored 50% on sexy, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • status Distribution

    They scored 25% on status, higher than 13% of your peers.

  • performance Distribution

    They scored 13% on performance, higher than 7% of your peers.

All possible test results

Smart car

Bare-bones and probably eco-friendly. Read more


You probably want something with more power, but can't afford it. Read more


Enough oomph for all your basic needs. Read more


Reliable people mover. It'll get you everywhere at the same pace every day. Read more


A little class, some power. You're a middle-ground with little care for zooty appearances. Read more


Quick, with enough space for all the groceries or three hot passengers - whichever does it for you. Read more


You'd like to look good but can't afford the gold watch. One day, you'll probably own one. The watch, that is. Read more


You'll feel good about your ride, as long as you're inside looking out, not outside looking in. Read more


With space for the champagne bottle and an entire football team as well, you're ready to cruise the streets in your smartest get-up. Very, very quickly, if necessary. Read more


Respectable. You like to look good, but not obsessed. Read more


Nippy little mover. The corners are always more fun than the straight-line drags. Read more


Performance with some status. You probably enjoy using all of it, too. Read more


Small and practical without being ugly. Read more


The perfect middle-ground car, with a dose of everything. You'll compromise in order to experience all aspects of your ride. Read more


The car for anyone who wants loads of power for their cash. Read more


A practical vehicle for the go-getter. Read more


The classy performer. You'll feel stately while overtaking the rabble. Read more


The ultimate high-class performer. You'll get around quickly and look good too. Read more


It's all about how you look. Who cares how fast you get there. Read more


The car that's ready to play whenever you are. Read more


A totally unique vehicle with power to match. You'll never look like anyone else, and you'll be happy with that. Read more


You probably check your hair in the rearview on a regular basis, don't you? A little class to match. Read more


You cruiser, you. You'd go top-down for the wind in your hair... even when it's raining. Read more


Speed for one. You'll get from A to B, and straight on to M or even X if you forget to hit the brakes in time. Read more


Good looker, good poser. You won't break any records, but you might feel like you can. Read more


Classy, very classy. You'll feel like you own half the country while driving. Read more


The car with absolutely everything. You'd show it off at every hotspot in the city... if you were driving slowly enough to stop at each one. Read more

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