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Their result for The What Would Be Your Super Power Test ...

The Sound Tech...

You scored 57 Mental, 13 Physical, 19 Elemental, and 44 Technological!

You have your guitar and your amplifier. You are plugged in and ready to Rock!!! With a single strum of this amazing instrument you send shock waves of destruction that radiate in every direction... You can walk into a bar room brawl, set up your gear, and strum everyone into submission... You scream stimulating lyrics into a microphone... lyrics that rock a persons very soul and make them wish they were never born... You make your enemies question their very existance as you tap their inner most emotions with your creative powers and amplified sound. Unfortunately, you need an electrical outlet to plug your amp into and no... you will never ever ever be signed to a major lable. That agent you keep telling people about? Yeah, we know it's your drunk uncle steve.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Mental Distribution

    They scored 57% on Mental, higher than 76% of your peers.

  • Physical Distribution

    They scored 13% on Physical, higher than 36% of your peers.

  • Elemental Distribution

    They scored 19% on Elemental, higher than 39% of your peers.

  • Technological Distribution

    They scored 44% on Technological, higher than 62% of your peers.

All possible test results

No Super Power

You have absolutely no super power. Good luck trying fend off the masses when they try to crush you between their thumb and forefinger... I'm sure you will do fine though. Read more

Go Go Gadget

You don't have any sort of "Super" Power per say, but you certainly have either purchased or were given some bad ass technology. You are the one with the Mega Rifle of Obliteration that guns down you... Read more

Elemental Deity

The Elements are yours to control and you do... right or wrong, you cause great storms, tidal waves, earthquakes, and can swallow your enemies in a great inferno that will completely destroy them... a... Read more

The Super Soaker

You have been blessed with power and control over water. Whether you are assisting in a wet T-Shirt contest or soaking a guys clothes for being a complete jerk, you are always ready to take on your en... Read more

The Brute

You are the Strongest and the Fastest. "We Make Holes In Teeth" or "Me Smash" could be your montra. You leap buildings in a single bound, you throw cars at your enemies, break down the walls of buil... Read more

The Bionic Person

Your Power either comes from some sort of Uber Cool Super Suit of Strength or you quite possibly could be the bionic man/woman... yes, that's right... the 6 million dollar person... do do do do do ...... Read more

The Earth Mover

You have power over dirt, rock, metal, and the earth as a whole. You are blessed with more physical strength and the power to manipulate and control the ground... you cause earthquakes that ripple th... Read more

The Cyborg

Half-Man and Half-Machine you may have limbs replaced with cannons, flame throwers, missile launchers, or sonic disruptors and the like. You might have wheels instead of legs that let you reach cruis... Read more

The Psionic Deity

You are smart... really smart... Your brains are the envy of all those people out there that wish they had your brains. You can bend people to your will with a thought and you love it. "Farmboy, fet... Read more

The Sound Tech...

You have your guitar and your amplifier. You are plugged in and ready to Rock!!! With a single strum of this amazing instrument you send shock waves of destruction that radiate in every direction...... Read more

A Mighty Wind

You have control over the air people breathe and the winds in the sky. You can generate anything from a nice calm breeze to keep you cool in the summertime or use your power to generate gale forces t... Read more

Sonic Disruptor

You have your guitar, your amplifier, and are way cooler than those Sound Techs. You are plugged in and ready to Rock!!! With a single strum of this amazing instrument you send shock waves of destru... Read more

The Teleporter

You have the power of Teleportation. You can go anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is think about the location and *poof*, you appear exactly where it was you pictured. You can eat Italian food ... Read more

The Cloak Invisible

You have either a technologically advanced stealth belt or a magic cloak that makes you invisible. You are as they say, "Sneaky Sneaky". You can use your powers for good or evil. You can sneak in t... Read more

You are a Deity!!!

You control everything with ultimate precision. All the elements are yours to command. Animals and People do your will without knowing why they are doing it and you are blessed with more strength to... Read more

Powerful Alien

You are not actually human, but a very powerful alien being from another planet, universe, or foreign country. With your technologically advanced space ship, you can travel across star systems, destr... Read more

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