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Had a roommate who kinda watched maybe

Hope you don't do EVERYTHING by osmosis

Somehow you managed to acquire information about this program, and yet this information is disjointed and sporadic...which is difficult to do with a serialized program like this one.  Did you use this show to fall asleep every night for a while and only catch the first half of every episode?  Use your laptop as a pillow while imdb was still running?  Or are you that poor kid who has nerdy friends who sit around and talk about their nerdy shows that you know nothing about for hours on end?  This may actually be as sad as actually having watched every episode of SG-1 like me.


See this image here?  That's Carter getting stuffed into a ridiculous dress and kidnapped by some tribal, nomadic warrior society.  Total pwnage.  That's you.



1 Match the occupation to initial SG-1 team character (as of the beginning of the series).A O'Neill - archaeologist; Teal'c - scientist; Carter - colonel; Jackson - first prime.B O'Neill - colonel; Teal'c - first prime; Carter - scientist; Jackson - archaeologistC O'Neill - scientist; Teal'c - archaeologist; Carter - first prime; Jackson - colonelD O'Neill - first prime; Teal'c - colonel; Carter - archaeologist; Jackson - scientistAnswer: B2 Who replaces whom during the last seasons of the series?      A   Mitchell replaces O'Neill; Lam replaces Frasier; Landry replaces HammondB    Lam replaces O'Neill; Mitchell replaces Hammond; Landry replaces FrasierC    Landry replaces I'Neill; Mitchell replaces Frasier; Lam replaces HammondD    Mal Doran replaces Carter; Woolsey replaces Davis; Landry replaces MitchellAnswer: A3 How does the stargate actually work?A It takes travellers out of phaseB It creates a wormhole through subspaceC It uses Asgard beaming technologyD It travels through hyperspaceAnswer: B4 Who created the stargate network?A The AncientsB The AsgardC The Goa'uldD The Ori  Answer: A5 Which of the following is not an eventual ally of Stargate Command?A The AsgardB The JaffaC The Tok'raD The OriAnswer: D6 Why does the U.S. government begin using the stargate?A To defend Earth against an imminent alien threatB To gather new alien technologyC To help Earth's alien alliesD To learn more about humanity's mysterious connection to the AncientsAnswer: B7 Which characters are civilians?A Maybourne, DavisB Siler, ReynoldsC O'Neill, CarterD Jackson, KinseyAnswer: D8 Which is the first foreign country to learn about the Stargate program?A RussiaB ChinaC EnglandD CanadaAnswer: A9 What happened to the ancients?A They diedB They moved on to a new gallaxyC They ascended to a higher plain of existenceD They became human  Answer: C10 Which of the following characters never is/becomes a general?A O'NeillB LandryC HammondD CarterAnswer: D11 Which SG-1 characters develop an unrealized romantic interest in one another?A Carter and O'NeillB Jackson and Mal DoranC Both of the aboveD Neither of the aboveAnswer: C12 Which SG-1 member is not an alien?A Teal'cB Mal DoranC O'NeillD QuinnAnswer: C13 What do we NEVER SPEAK OF?A O'Neill's sonB Jackson's parentsC The Isis jarD The Hathor incidentAnswer: D 14 Why did O'Neill start going through stargates in the first place?A He wanted to find God.B He wanted to ascend.C He wanted to save the planet.D He wanted to die.Answer: D15 SG-1 finds a special mirror that does what?A Creates wormholes.B Finds Naquadah.C Kills Anubis's supersoldiers.D Opens onto alternate realities.Answer: D16 Quinn has a romantic relationship with a:A TokraB RussianC OrisiD Goa'uld Answer: D17 Which of the following technologies does the SG-1 team not implement at some point?A Time travelB Phase shiftsC TelekenesisD BeamingAnswer: C


* I realized that it is arguable that Daniel Jackson used telekenesis while he was an Ori Prior at the end of the last season.  I decided to keep this question as is because this was a power granted to him, not something actually "implemented" and if it had been implemented, it was implemented by Jackson individually, not actually by SG-1 as a team.  Furthermore, SG-1 has obviously used the other three technologies on multiple occasions so telekenesis is the only plausible answer.  Remember that when Jakcson appears to be able to use telekenesis on kheb it was actually an ascended being making it appear that Jackson was moving objects with his mind.

  18 What is the alien race we never meet?A The NoxB LangaransC The FerlingsD The UnasAnswer: C19 What is Lam's relationship to Landry?A She's his daughterB She's his studentC She's his rivalD She's his female cloneAnswer: A20 Why do the Asgards clone themselves?A To build an army.B To cultivate replacement organs.C To reproduceD To explore space more quicklyAnswer: C21 What is tretonin?A The mineral that the stargate is made out of.B The Jaffa form of meditationC A chemical that can replace Jaffa symbiotesD The religion promulgated by the OriAnswer: C22 Who created the replicators?A The Goa'uldB An Android childC The NIDD The AncientsAnswer: B23 Which of the following Goa'uld is also ascended?A ApophisB Ba'alC AnubisD OsirisAnswer: C24 When taking the Tokra lie detector test, O'Neill divulges that he would rather die than:A Host a Goa'uldB Betray HammondC Live without CarterD Listen to JacksonAnswer: C25 Which of the following characters never hosts a symbiote?A MitchellB CarterC Mal DoranD JosephAnswer: A26 Where does SG-1 first encounter an ascended being?A KhebB DakaraC ChulakD The Ori GallaxyAnswer: A27 What happens to not one but two of Jackson's significant others?A They join Sg-1B They become TokraC They become Goa'uld hostsD They get blown up.Answer: C28 Who is Mal Doran's daughter and what is her title?A Ada; OriB Ada; OrisiC Adria; OriD Adria; OrisiAnswer: D29 What happens to Teal'c over the course of the series?A He grows hair and wears less makeup.B He becomes increasingly aggressive.C He is weakened by flashbacks of past attrocities.D He begins talking more and more like a normal human.Answer: A30 Stargate SG-1 in one episode parodied a show that happened to star TWO actors who played SG-1 members at some point.  What show was parodied?A Battlestar GallacticaB Babylon 5C Total RecallD Farscape Answer: D31 Which Stargate SG-1 character was played by an actor who later appeared on 24?A JacksonB MitchellC CarterD QuinnAnswer: A32 At least three fairly significant SG-1 characters appear in bit parts in what completely unconnected movie?A Sixteen CandlesB Men In BlackC Best in ShowD Taladaga NightsAnswer: C33 What movie has O'Neill never seen?A Star WarsB ETC Starship TroopersD Top Gun Answer: A34 What movie does Teal'c request to watch with the rest of SG-1, only to be overridden by Mitchell?A Old SchoolB Die HardC Kindergarten CopD GhostAnswer: A35 Are there any fish in O'Neill's pond?A YesB NoC That dependsD What pond?Answer: C36 How old was Jackson in 1969?A Just bornB 2C 4D 10Answer: C37 What musical instrument has Carter always wanted to learn to play?A CelloB PianoC ViolinD SaxAnswer: A38 In episode 200, what unexpected phrase does "young Teal'c" utter?A I'm pregnantB CowabungaC I'd hit thatD laugh out loudAnswer: C39 What comedy franchise has Stargate SG-1 made a point of repeatedly referencing?A TFuturama B Monty PythonC Family GuyD FriendsAnswer: B40 When Mitchell learns that Ba'al is inside Adria, he compares them to...A Cordon bleuB A Hot PocketC A quesadillaD A HoHoAnswer: A41 When Mal Doran is shown a video of herself in order to prove that altering her memory was her own idea, what is she doing in the video?A Cracking her knucklesB Reading from index cardsC Making fun of JacksonD Applying lipglossAnswer: D42 When a renegade Asgard clones O'Neill, what does the clone complain of?A WrinklesB Being brokeC Being too fatD Getting a zitAnswer: D43 Wormhole ... !A Fiesta!B Extreme!C Magnet!D of awesomeness!

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    They scored 52% on Endurance, higher than 31% of your peers.

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    They scored 60% on Nerdity, higher than 60% of your peers.

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    They scored 68% on Attention, higher than 61% of your peers.

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    They scored 76% on Characters, higher than 69% of your peers.

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Somehow you managed to acquire information about this program, and yet this information is disjointed and sporadic...which is difficult to do with a serialized program like this one.  Did you use ... Read more

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