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you're cute

You scored 53 on looks and 46 on personality!

You're cute but we don't have much in common. Thanks anyways :)

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • looks Distribution

    They scored 53% on looks, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • personality Distribution

    They scored 46% on personality, higher than 69% of your peers.

All possible test results

Not a mtach!

Sorry, but we are just totally wrong for eachother! You are probablly pretty sunbmissive and i don't need a doormat! Read more


Wow. we're not a very good match, but we could problly hang out once in a while - parties and whatnot. Read more

great friends

We don't match in all cattegories but we could definitley be friends :D we have a lot in common :D Read more

you're cute

You're cute but we don't have much in common. Thanks anyways :) Read more

pretty good...

We're a good match. Not great, but with some chatting and whatnot, we could be good friends or possibly more :) Read more

You;re a catch!

While you're not the *perfect* man for me, you're pretty damn close. Outr personalities really click and really, is there such thing as the perfect man? Read more

Hot hot hot

You may be hot, but our personalities don't click at all. i'm sure you'd be fun to look at though :) Read more


you could totally be my hottie. We're not perfect for eachother, but pretty damn close! Read more

The perfect man!

You are the perfect man! (providing you answered honestly) Where have you been all my life??? Read more

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