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Their result for The Geek Analyser 5000 Test ...


You scored 61% computational, 54% literature, and 17% roleplay (54% overall)!

Quite simply, you're not a geek. You probably have a life, and a girl/boyfriend, and you might even be sporty. Eugh.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • computational Distribution

    They scored 61% on computational, higher than 68% of your peers.

  • literature Distribution

    They scored 54% on literature, higher than 40% of your peers.

  • roleplay Distribution

    They scored 17% on roleplay, higher than 15% of your peers.

  • overall Distribution

    They scored 54% on overall, higher than 38% of your peers.

All possible test results


Quite simply, you're not a geek. You probably have a life, and a girl/boyfriend, and you might even be sporty. Eugh. Read more


You're not really a nerd. You're not a bookworm. And you're not a roleplayer. Not really. And yet you do have this kind of geekiness aura about you. And thus, you are the enigma! Read more

The Roleplayer

You're not that muck of a geek; but you do know your roleplaying. You probably LARP, or play tabletop a lot. But you know what they say. One bad habit leads to another... Read more

The Super Roleplayer

You are a geek, aren't you? And how - you're also quite the roleplayer. Why, I'll bet you're a LARPer. Am I right? Luckily though it seems that you have some geeky interests outside of roleplaying, wh... Read more

The Bookworm

You've managed to evade total geekindom, but you're still a bookworm. Don't think so? Well, you are compared to most normal people, I'll tell ya that. I'll bet you like sci-fi and fantasy novels. You ... Read more

The Super Bookworm

Oh dear. You read a lot of books, and you're a geek? You probably are quite intelligent, and almost certainly write your own novels. If you don't, you'd be good at it. Read more

The Illogical Ungeek

You're not really a geek; but you are a roleplayer and you do read a lot - somehow your logic skills mean you're just insufficiently nerdy to be a fully-fledged geek. Still, you're clearly very imagin... Read more

The Illogical Geek

Oh dear. This is perhaps the most frightening of the geek species. Somehow you're very geeky without being at all logical. You run wild and free - and you probably scare quite a few others in the proc... Read more

The Demi-Nerd

You're a bit of a computer nerd. But you lack in the wholesome qualities such as book-reading and roleplay. Let your imagination run free. Before it's too late! Read more

The Nerd

Oh my. A nerd by any other name would smell as sweaty? Try burrowing your way into the sunlight every now and then. There are other things out here. Read more

The Irritance

This is an odd mix. The logical roleplayer. You're probably the one who hassles the GM in a game because they aren't doing it right. Not that geeky though - try watching some more decent TV. Read more

The Geek

This is a fairly standard mix. You probably point out the special effects in movies, whispering "Fatal!" to the person next to you. Just don't ruin everyone else's fun. Read more

Compubook (TM)

You are the compubook. Logical and thorough, you like to read and know what's going on. But you care far too much about the real world to be a true geek. Learn the ancient zen art of escapism, and you... Read more


You know your books, and you know your figures - you definitely are a geek, no doubts there. But yet you haven't truly experienced the heart of roleplay. Keep striving for glory. Read more


Impossible! You've broken my test! You can't get this result, or at least you shouldn't be able to! Damn you! Read more

The Ultimate Geek

Hurrah! You are the ultimate geek! In every way! I'm just not sure that's 100% healthy. But what do I know? Read more

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