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Data & Chunk

Super sniffer and super smarts? What more could a Goonie ask for?!

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New Age Goonie

You are your own Goonie! Many strive to act like their fave from the beloved movie, but not you! I would like to congratulate you on your independance from the sway that Mickey, Mouth, Data and Chunk ... Read more


Your super sniffer will always tell you the best way to go to get the food you so desperately love! Whether you crave ice cream, candy bars or simply pizza you will always have friends, old or new, to... Read more


You not only speak your own langauge, but you walk your own walk! You've never let your toung get in the way of showing off your great inventions and impressing all who see! However, when you make a m... Read more

Data & Chunk

Super sniffer and super smarts? What more could a Goonie ask for?! Read more


You are the leader, the foundation of the Goonie house...in fact you own the Goonie house! When your friends are in trouble they know they can come to you, and they do. You are always there and you al... Read more

Mikey & Chunk

You are both a great leader and a loyal follower. The best a friend could ever ask for! Read more

Mikey & Data

You have the smarts and the leadership skills to become something great! Good luck and "don't slip!" Read more

Mikey, Data & Chunk

Wow! Leadership, smarts and loyalty! Have you ever thought about military intelligence? Read more


No matter what someone may say to you, you always have the perfect words to throw back (unless it happens to be your secret crush)! You have been given the gift of toung...use it wisely. It can hurt a... Read more

Mouth & Chunk

Quick-witted sarcasm and true devotion never went well together. You constantly are shooting yourself in the foot around the ones you love the most. Better learn to control that mouth of yours! Read more

Mouth & Data

Sarcasm and smarts. Are you an IT person? Read more

Mouth, Data & Chunk

What a combination...that's all I have to say... Read more

Mouth and Mikey

I hope you're never my boss! Read more

Mouth, Mikey & Chunk

Yikes! Read more

Mouth, Mikey & Data

Indiana Jones watch out! Read more

Super Goonie!

Unfortunately, noone could ever really get this catagory, so I'm even going to write anything cool in it. If something goes wrong and you do get this, please let me know! Read more

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