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Their result for The Mechanical Engineer Aptitude Test ...

Robot Builder

You scored 4 statics, 9 dynamics, 3 fluids, and 3 thermo!

You are adept at analyzing dynamic systems and, as a result, can build powerful and destructive robots. Maybe you can do other stuff too, but robots are fun.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • statics Distribution

    They scored 4% on statics, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • dynamics Distribution

    They scored 9% on dynamics, higher than 79% of your peers.

  • fluids Distribution

    They scored 3% on fluids, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • thermo Distribution

    They scored 3% on thermo, higher than 36% of your peers.

All possible test results

No.. just.. no.

This is a very poor career choice for you. I'm sorry. Just go away =) You are most likely better off. Most of the questions on this quiz were very esoteric in nature and may be very intimidating to... Read more

Fire God

You are one with the ways of thermodynamics and heat transfer. You get excited when you hear the word "entropy" because you know how to account for it. Read more


You are talented in the ways of the fluid, and Bernoulli would be proud. You can manipulate water and air at will. Read more

Hot Water

You can heat up fluids and examine the viscous changes that take effect. For some reason this isn't that cool to you at all. Read more

Robot Builder

You are adept at analyzing dynamic systems and, as a result, can build powerful and destructive robots. Maybe you can do other stuff too, but robots are fun. Read more

Rankine's Apprentice

You are a master of transforming thermal energy into kinetic energy, and may find solace in building huge steam turbines, or possibly designing new, overpriced turbochargers for rice burners. Read more

Free energy

You are an energy communist and prefer wind power over coal power, hydrodynamic power over fission power.. etc. You are a master of transforming fluid energy into mechanical energy. Read more

Statically impaired

You often forget one or two forces in your free body diagram. There may be a normal force you didn't account for. Remember that a normal force will also create friction in many cases. Aside from th... Read more

Motionless Engineer

You can handle your free body diagrams with the skill of a surgeon, but only if the sum of the forces acting on the system is equal to zero. Otherwise, you're fucked. Don't try to deal with any movi... Read more

Hot Air Balloonist

You know how to keep things afloat by superheating air in a suspended control volume to create lift forces. I guess that's pretty cool, but it's not particularly a job that's in high demand.. or supp... Read more

Hoover Dam Man!

You are a master of the free body diagram and have a vast understanding of hydrostatics. You're a loyal friend, and you would go out of your way for a loved one on a whim. You don't trust the govern... Read more

Dynamically Impaired

Don't try to spin around, rub your tummy, and pat your head at the same time. This will result in catastrophe. Aside from this, you are a brilliant mind with a promising future as a disgruntled mech... Read more

Free Body Master

You have mastered the art of balancing static and dynamic forces, and hail the godly equation, F=ma, as the new dictator of earth. Read more

Thirsty Genius

You can design IMPRESSIVE mechanical systems, but you will have trouble irrigating your crops and having water delivered to your house from a faraway reservoir due to too much head loss in the crappy ... Read more

Isothermic Genius

You can design anything you want as long as you don't have to account for temperature change or heat transfer.. and unfortunately for you, that's usually pretty important. Read more

Mechanical Ninja

You have real ultimate engineering power and periodically save your CAD drawings. You most likely have no life whatsoever and enjoy playing bingo with your grandparents on Tuesdays. Congrats Read more

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