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Jimi Hendrix

39 depth, 27 controversy ,35 talent

Probably the greatest musician of the modern age, Hendrix had his fair share of incidents and certainly lived a fast life. You certainly don't need any of my advice.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • deepness Distribution

    They scored 39% on deepness, higher than 85% of your peers.

  • controversy Distribution

    They scored 27% on controversy, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • musicianship Distribution

    They scored 35% on musicianship, higher than 84% of your peers.

All possible test results

John Lennon

You obviously have better things to do. Sleep your day away sometimes, other times drug it up. Who knows? Who cares? Read more

Nick Drake

Poor old Nick, he was arguably too nice for his own good. A clever musician and soulful songwriter. You seem to have similar qualities, and that's by no means a bad thing. Read more

Adam Devlin

A prodigious, technically sublime guitarist. Doesn't make mistakes but is perhaps not all that flamboyant. Despite your skills and your undeniable amiability you may be destined never to receive the r... Read more

Liam Gallagher

Bit of a tough guy ey? Fair enough. You're probably quite popular and can probably drink quite a lot. Try to keep out of trouble though. It's for your own good. Read more

John Bonham

A good helping of talent and a bit of an edge, you are most like John Bonham. Loving the hair. Read more

Jonny Greenwood

Little short of a musical genius. Created several totally different yet brilliant albums and composes great orchestral pieces. Says very little but doesn't need to. Good on ya. Read more


Sounds like you're more likely to slap someone than do anything useful. Read more

Arthur Lee

Oooh you wild man. I'd tell you to calm down but it's a bit too dangerous. Read more

Jack White

Quite the hardman if newspaper reports are to be believed but created an incredible unique and raw rock/blues fusion and is quite the talented musician. Focus your talents my son. Read more

Thom Yorke

Bizarre political activist, pacifist and undeniably cool in a strange and somewhat geeky way. Don't be afraid, others are with you! Read more

Elliott Smith

Enigmatic songwriter, generally unappreciated. I wish you well. Read more

Jeff Buckley

Incredible songwriter and touchingly soulful. Jeff was a great person, and so are you it seems. Read more

Richey Edwards

The ultimate mystery. A mixed-up enigma, you must be one hell of a hard person to understand. Read more

Neil Young

Canadian rock God Neil young is still going and still the epic powerhouse that made him famous. You have an old soul with a bit of an all-round flair for things. Read more

John Squire

A very intelligent and exceptionally talented individual. Probably the greatest guitarist since Hendrix but has a lot more to him than just that. If you are anything like Squire then feel free to take... Read more

Kurt Cobain

An icon for the misunderstood angst-ridden souls. It's fair to say he made some questionable decisions but who hasn't? You probably have quite a lot of substance to you but maybe you aren't sure how t... Read more

Bob Dylan

What can you say about Bob Dylan? Spawned so much great music. Legendary. Read more

Jimi Hendrix

Probably the greatest musician of the modern age, Hendrix had his fair share of incidents and certainly lived a fast life. You certainly don't need any of my advice. Read more

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