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33% Classic, 0% Sporty, 11% Carefree and 11% Hipster!

Your sense of style is Classic.


You like comfortable clothing, but prefer the streamlined look of suits, collared shirts and khakis to schlubby sweatpants or jeans. You enjoy looking neat and pulled-together, and people probably compliment you on your attention to detail.


Style perks: Your style suggests that you’re organized, traditional and trustworthy, and this makes you approachable to men and women alike. Your look is also acceptable in most social situations, and you don’t need to leave your comfort zone to dress appropriately for a date or important event.


Style pitfalls: Your style doesn’t exactly exude danger, so you risk being dismissed as “ordinary” at first glance. Don’t be afraid to spice up your classic style to showcase your personality or sense of humor.


Advice: Try adding a pop of color to your outfit in the form of a brightly colored Old Navy polo shirt, or experiment with unusual details. A collared  shirt with western wear detailing or a bold plaid will do wonders for suggesting than there’s something not quite khaki about you lurking below the surface.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Classic Distribution

    They scored 33% on Classic, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • Sporty Distribution

    They scored 0% on Sporty, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • Carefree Distribution

    They scored 11% on Carefree, higher than 28% of your peers.

  • Hipster Distribution

    They scored 11% on Hipster, higher than 14% of your peers.

All possible test results


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The Hipster

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